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Keeping Precious Memories Alive for your Descendants

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The past is much more interesting when it is penned by people who led much more extraordinary lives than did the kings, queens and statesmen of the past. During his 1,000-mile route march across India to the North-West Frontier and Afghanistan Hindu Kush, Bandsman William Rutter penned his diary. It never crossed his mind that penned for family interest his diary entries would in 200 years’ time fascinate readers all over the world.

Is your story any less interesting? Not to your descendants or future generations. My mother was a novice nun who in the 1920s waited on the Catholic bishops, was among much else was a nurse, a gun-runner and a pacifist. My father had fought in four conflicts by the time he was 40-years of age. He could have penned his diaries but failed to do so: what a loss.

You have no excuse for not placing on record the story of your life. Remember the days of your childhood and youth? The good times and the bad, your romances, your first job and meagre salary, the friends you met, your adventure4s, achievements and your failures.

You each have a story to tell about your life. When, with my help, you set your story down and embellish your words with personal photographs the electronically saved and stored story of your life experiences will enrich the lives of your descendants in the future and who knows how many others.

I can write and record and you can store your story as a priceless family heirloom in a way that will intrigue, enlighten and fascinate those future generations who follow you.

Today you are a father, a mother, a son, a daughter or another relative. To those who follow you, you are the source of enormous fascination, family pride and a delightfully exposed family root and branch. Your life – your life story, your precious moments, achievements and experiences, your innermost feelings, and the loves of your life will live on to inspire and enrich the lives of generations yet to be born.  

Your story will require editing with added flair, flow and dialogue to bring your experiences alive. Michael Walsh is an experienced ghost-writer / book editor.

Movie star Jill Curzon and international playboy Brian Adamson chose Michael not because his €25 per 1,000 words fees are reasonable but because he was, in their opinion, the best biographer to be had.

Michael among many others was the first choice for a Hindu world traveller, an extraordinary Zambian woman, a fugitive from ‘justice’, a private eye on the Costa del Sol, South African shell fishers, a German World War II refugee, and even a prostitute who provided services for Princess Diana’s lover of seven years.

Your story can be anything from just 10,000 words in length (this feature contains 500 words) to 50,000 or even 70,000 words. Size doesn’t matter – quality is all that matters. Michael, your personal guide and assistant will provide the quality.

Michael Walsh

Awarded  ‘Writer of the Year’ 2011


If you have written a novel or biography but lack the skills to bring your work to retail standard Michael Walsh can help you.

Enquiries invited from writers who have already written or are well advanced in writing their novels. There is a demand for fiction, real-life stories, mystery, romance, crime, erotica, and romantic comedy. 

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