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Breadline Brits impoverished by Sanctions intended to hurt Putin

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BREAKING NEWS: Britain, one of the G7 Bloc of nations is to give Ukraine $30 billion. OTHER NEWS Representatives of British food funds, which provide free food to the poor, wrote a letter to the government demanding urgent action, writes The Independent. The fact is that the number of calls to them has increased one and a half to two times over the past few months. As a result, they warn that they will soon have to refuse help to the starving Britons.

The Independent Food Aid Network, which consists of more than 550 food funds from across the UK, sent a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak in which she spoke of her plight, writes The Independent. They said they were facing a large increase in requests for help. This is due to high electricity bills, rising food prices and health insurance. As a result, many families are on the brink of survival, and some food banks have doubled the number of requests since the end of 2021.

Therefore, the association asks the British authorities to take urgent measures to overcome poverty and hunger, which are growing rapidly. For example, they call for subsidies to be indexed by 8% in line with expected inflation, while the government indexed them only by 3.1%. In addition, they insist that families should not wait for these subsidies: those who are in the worst situation should be given the money directly.’ Food funds are on the brink of a critical state,’ they write in a letter. According to them, the government must urgently take action, and not just give money to foundations, but deal with the very problem of people’s poverty.

 For example, a Kent-based food fund manager told The Independent that they now help about 2,000 people a month, twice as many as they did in October.’ This is the worst poverty I have seen in 30 years,’ she said. People come to us in tears, they say: either I pay the bills, or feed the children. And I answer: pay the bills, and we will feed the children.’

Some food funds have already had to reduce the amount of food they provide. One of the food fund coordinators from Liverpool said that in 2020 they provided 220 food packages per week, and now this number has risen to 400, with the most dramatic increase in the last couple of months. He says that some families live in one room because they cannot afford to heat the whole apartment. Some have switched to washing by hand so as not to pay for the operation of the washing machine. Some wrap themselves in blankets so as not to use expensive heating. And some pensioners ride the bus all day to stay warm.

In addition, representatives of the foundations say that they have become less donated money. So, they warn that some organizations may fall apart, some people may remain in poverty. The company ‘Civil Council’ recorded a record number of people in a crisis situation. In March, almost 25,000 people turned to food funds for help, which is 44% more than at the same time a year ago.

 A woman named Collette, with whom the journalist spoke said that she was malnourished so that her two children had enough food. She began to apply for food funds after new tariffs were introduced in December. As a result, her gas and electricity payments increased by one and a half times. She now owes nearly £1,000 to utilities and is terrified by the prospect of a new price hike in October, writes The Independent Source

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