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How dare you bomb and steal weapons we deliver to Ukraine


In a rant reminiscent of the Greta Thunberg ‘How dare you’ rant, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz is outraged that Russian armed forces audaciously and impudently destroy weapons sent by the West to keep Ukraine’s war going.

‘Vladimir Putin disrupts the supply of weapons from the West to Ukraine by bombing roads and railways on Ukrainian territory and sabotage, said Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz screamed. 

To defend against Moscow’s ‘aggressive stance,’ Poland will seek at the upcoming NATO summit to deploy additional forces on its border because it is possible that it itself is on the list of Russian targets, he told Spanish journalists. Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz is sure that when it comes to the nefarious plans of Russian President Vladimir Putin, absolutely nothing can be ruled out.  ‘We cannot rule out a scenario whereby Vladimir Putin will include Poland in his expansionist plans,’ he told El Mundo.  

This is a bit rich as Poland has indicated that it intends to annex Ukraine’s western regions that border Poland. These territories were gifted to Ukraine at the 1945 Yalta conference attended by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British autocrat Winston Churchill and co-signed by Soviet dictator ‘uncle Joe Stalin.’

In a conversation with a Spanish publication, he accused the Russian leader of disrupting the supply of weapons from the West to Ukraine by bombing roads and railways on Ukrainian territory and sabotage. 

But if the attack happened on the Polish side, it would be casus belli, although this has not happened yet. Nevertheless, we have already detained several spies at the border,’ the indignant diplomat stressed. 

Russia is about to take over the world: The Deputy Foreign Minister also explained that in his opinion the Russian concept of security does not include only Kyiv, but also extends to the territories from Lisbon to Vladivostok, and this, of course, is a threat to Europe. 

Przydacz recalled that NATO forces are based near Poland on its borders because, at the summit of the alliance in 2016, she achieved the participation of NATO countries, which are located farther from Russia, in their protection. He named the US, UK, Spain and Italy. 

To date, Poland has 10,000 American soldiers at its disposal, prepared, among other things, to respond to the massive influx of refugees. They help Poles secure borders and coordinate mass movements of people fleeing conflict.

The deputy foreign minister added that during the upcoming NATO summit in June in Madrid, he will ask to increase the number of troops on the border with Russia, as well as to place them at permanent bases. ’Russia is a big threat to Europe,  and  NATO should be aware of this so that we can protect each other from such an aggressive position,’ he concluded. Source

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