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Profiteers Exposed as Ice sheets have Grown over the last 20 years despite climate change


It is increasingly difficult to keep pace with regime-sponsored scams as the investment industries’ political parasites latch on to the latest wheeze to empty the pockets of the taxpayers: the threat of multiple relatively harmless and natural viruses like Covid, like wars and alleged climate change reap billions for investors who invest in the latest scare scams.

A NEW study has found that despite climate change causing global temperatures to rise, some ice sheets in Antarctica have actually grown over the past two decades. Between 2002 and 2020, the frozen continent at the South pole has shed approximately 150 gigatons of ice per year, causing the global sea level to rise by 0.4 millimetres per year, according to NASA.

However, a new report shows that this ice loss is not uniform, as a new report finds that in the past 20 years, parts of Antarctica have actually compensated for losses by gaining ice. The researchers say that sea ice may have protected some of these glaciers from ice loss by pushing against them after a change in regional wind patterns.

Ice shelves, which are floating sections of ice that are attached to land-based ice sheets, serve the vital purpose of protecting against the uncontrolled release of inland ice to the ocean. During the late 20th century, the continent was claimed to have been struck by high levels of global warming that eventually led to the catastrophic disappearance of the Larsen A and B ice shelves in 1995 and 2002, respectively. The collapse of these ice shelves led to more water being added to the oceans, raising the sea level and the environmentalists made bucks by the billion by investing in ‘green energy (and public gullibility).

Even now, experts are still not sure about how the sea ice around Antarctica will evolve in response to climate change, and therefore influence sea level rise. So, taxpayers are paying through the nose for hot air issuing from the cheeks and jowls of voracious profiteers. While some models forecast wholescale sea ice loss in the Southern Ocean, others predict sea ice gain in the region.

Now, an international team of researchers, from the Universities of Cambridge and Newcastle in the UK, and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, have used a combination of historical satellite measurements, along with ocean and atmosphere records, to get the most detailed understanding yet of how ice conditions are changing along the 1,400-kilometre-long eastern Antarctic Peninsula.

The scientists found that 85 per cent of the ice shelf perimeter in this part of the continent has advanced since the early 2000s, in contrast to the extensive retreat of the previous two decades. In the study published in the journal, Nature Geoscience, the researchers have linked the advance of the ice shelf to decade-scale changes in atmospheric circulation, which has led to more sea ice being carried to the coast by the wind.

One can be certain that the media corporations will mostly overlook this vital (but one-day-mention) news. Nothing must get in the way of the harvester of harrowing scare stories. Source

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  1. Well put and well said…

    The scam comes from the Club of Rome in 1992 when they were looking for a way to trick the people to ‘accept’ their one world dictatorship wet dream:

    climate change! Eureka! They found that if they presented human beings as the main danger to the planet they would be able to do anything, including the genocides they have committed since then.

    The “rio summit’ followed and then agenda 21 and now agenda 2030.

    Part of the plan (hence fake pandemics and extermnation with deathvaxx) is to depopulate…

    If the STUPID realize al this climate change/global warming bullshit is a big lie, the globalist are in deep shit.

    One of the reason of the covid scam since 2020 is because most people don’t buy the climate scare narrative.

    The more we tell the truth about it, the more their agenda crumbles.

    Of course, they have other tricks like manufactured wars (ukraine), famine (as they organize now), pandemics (covid BS), economic crisis (as they have done coutnless times since 1929), etc…



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