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The Warrior Women of Europe are off their Chains

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Recently, the President of the European Commission has been making increasingly belligerent statements against Russia, imagining herself as the commander-in-chief of a non-existent army, recalls French politician Stéphane Buffeteau in an article for Boulevard Voltaire. 

At the same time, the selected not elected head of the EU forgets that it was Russia that has always been the force that maintains balance in Eurasia, while the United States, on the contrary, has been destabilizing the world with its policies for many years, the author writes. Calling Russia a threat to the world order, Von der Leyen has in mind the American world order, the observer explains.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: ‘For at least the past 300 years Russia has been an inseparable part of European culture and politics. The periods of Russia’s most active participation in European affairs were marked by stability and peace on the continent.’

’Obviously, she (von den Leyen) is ready to wage an all-out war against Putin. To the last drop of Ukrainian blood,’ the author of the article concludes, recalling that the European Union itself has ‘neither an army, nor real diplomacy, nor the ability, nor intentions’ to enter into an armed conflict with Russia, which ‘would be suicidal for Europe and the world’.

In the author’s opinion, Ursula von der Leyen probably ’lives in a virtual world’.  For example, on April 9 last year in Warsaw, she said that the death of civilians in Bucha gave her ‘even more determination’ to fight against Putin. ‘But she doesn’t fight anyone or anything,’ Buffeto notes. 

‘From his point of view, Europe should remember that until 1917 the Russian Empire was Europe’s ally and trading partner. After the collapse of the USSR, it was necessary to re-integrate the Russian Federation into European politics and thus ensure a balance in Eurasia. 

However, everything was done exactly the opposite: the European Union obeyed the American doctrine, according to which the reconciliation of Western Europe with Russia is unacceptable since it will cause the US to leave the region. Thus, when Ursula Von der Leyen said on May 12 this year that Russia was the ’most direct threat’ to the world order, she was referring to the Western or American world order, the author of the article explains.

At the same time, it was the United States that in recent years has destabilized the world with its policy in the Middle East, for which the Europeans have paid a high price, writes Buffeto. 

Ms von der Leyen should be concerned that sanctions against Russia have widened the rift between north and south Europe, and instead of playing the role of commander-in-chief of a non-existent army, remember that the US is primarily defending its own interests, which is a direct duty any nation, the politician notes.  Source

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