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Australia and the most hated national leader in the southern hemisphere is ousted


Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s centre-right coalition government has been defeated at the federal election, with Anthony Albanese awaiting vote counting to determine if his centre-left Labour party can form a majority government. Albanese has pledged to bring Australians together after defeating the nine-year-old Liberal-National coalition government.

Morrison conceded defeat on Saturday night with Labour projected to hold 77 seats in the 151-seat parliament,76 seats are needed to win a majority government. The coalition is projected to hold 59 seats, with as many as 15 crossbenchers including four left-wing Greens MPs, according to election analyst William Bowe.

However, as vote counting continued the Australian Electoral Commission officially listed Labour as holding 75 seats, the coalition 51, with 12 crossbenchers, and the remaining undecided. There is still the prospect Labour could fall short of a majority, meaning it would need crossbench support to govern as it did between 2010 and 2013.

‘Together we begin the work of building a better future… for all Australians,’ Albanese told supporters in Sydney.

Albanese is expected to be sworn in on Monday, along with senior members of his cabinet, before heading to Tokyo for the Quad meeting with the leaders of Japan, the United States, and India.

Morrison is set to remain in Parliament, having retained his Sydney seat of Cook, but will step down as leader at the next Liberal party room meeting. He said despite the final result not yet being known he believed it was important the nation had the certainty of leadership and Australia could be represented at the Quad meeting.

The Liberal leader noted it had been a ‘time of great upheaval.’ ‘It has imposed a heavy price on our country and on all Australians and I think all Australians have felt that deeply,’ he said. ‘And we’ve seen in our own politics a great deal of disruption as the way people have voted today with major parties having one of the lowest primaries votes we’ve ever seen.’

Labour’s primary vote of 32 percent was lower than it achieved when it lost the 2019 election, while the coalition scored only 35 percent. ‘That says a lot about the upheaval that’s taking place in our nation and I think it is important for our nation to heal and to move forward,’ Morrison said.

Albanese, who has often spoken of growing up in social housing and being brought up by a single mum, said he hoped his journey in life inspired other Australians to ‘reach for the stars.’

‘I want Australia to continue to be a country that, no matter where you live, who you worship, who you love or what your last name is, places no restrictions on your journey in life.’

OUR AUSTRALIAN CORRESPONDENT WRITES: ‘The Morrison government was not defeated because of the so-called climate change issue. It was defeated simply because it was the most arrogant and corrupt government the country has ever endured.

‘The liberals put everything on their leader Scotty Morrison to win the election (Scotty from marketing), but women, particularly those in his party detest him. So, he has a problem with half the population to begin with. I regard him as a second rate used car dealer; he is full of shit.

‘There were a number of scandals in Federal parliament involving women being molested or in one case raped and Morrison was completely inept at handling the flack. From then on, he was dead meat with women.

‘However, in my view, the principal reason for the defeat was the severe lockdowns that Australians were subjected to over the last two years were financed and approved by the Morrison regime as was the vaccine roll out which has proved disastrous.

‘The (Australian) states could not have afforded the lockdowns if no money was offered to support them, so 7 billion was put on the table by Morrison, and the states agreed to lockdown according to the instructions of Gates and the W.H.O. They also agreed to introduce coercive vaccine mandates.

‘A Sydney lawyer Julian Gillespie has been fighting the vaccine mandates in a federal court case. He has discovered that The Federal Health Department advised the government that in the case of an influenza pandemic, the lockdown directions of the WHO should not be followed as they were ineffective. Their advice was to wash hands and avoid coughing in people’s faces. That’s all!

‘Despite this scientific advice, Australians were terrorized by the respective state governments who implemented the harshest restrictions in the world so that the Federal government could keep their hands clean, and say we can’t do anything, it is not our responsibility.

‘Mr Gillespie has also found out that 800 Australians have died after being injected with a covid vaccine and 120,000 medical injuries have been recorded by the therapeutic goods administration. It’s a total disgrace and Morrison is the person responsible. He should hang for murder.

 ‘I will also say this. A significant number of voters in the millennial age bracket voted against the liberal government because they believe in climate change. This is particularly so with women. This is a totally brainwashed generation who can’t think for themselves period. They were also the ones lining up to be injected. They are the type of people who cannot survive one minute in a war zone.

I am glad that Morrison got the boot but what you must understand about Australia is that we are an American puppet state. It’s worth noting that the first task of the New PM is to meet with his American overlords in Tokyo.

Morrison has probably got heaps of money for playing along with the WEF and WHO agenda and the Great Reset, but I would not want to be in his shoes on judgment day.

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