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Diversity comes to Germany through the barrel of a gun

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On the opening day of a fair in the German city of Lüdenscheid, individuals from a group of six men who were defined as pro-migrant mainstream media ‘foreign-looking’ opened fire, killing one man.

The man shot to death was a 40-year-old father who was not in any way involved in the initial dispute. The dying victim was transported to the hospital, but despite efforts to save his life, the man was declared dead on arrival at casualty.

The incident began as a dispute between a group of young men on this occasion described by media as being of ‘Southern appearance’ and a 16-year-old German youth at the traditional Steinert festival on Saturday evening. The attackers surrounded the youngster, and a scuffle ensued. Although the situation was said to have calmed down, the group met the teenager again half an hour later, but this time the teenager’s father had joined his son.

The 52-year-old Dad confronted the attackers, causing the group of foreigners to run away, with the father and son in pursuit. During the chase, the migrants shot at the vengeful father and son with two guns as they tried to escape. The father and son were not hit, but a stray bullet hit the 40-year-old man from Gummersbach who is just leaving the fair.

The armed migrants fled to a residential area and have not been identified or arrested yet. The police are looking (in vain) for six men with ages ranging from 16 to 20-year-old men with a ‘southern appearance.’ Four of them wore all dark clothing, one a light grey jogging suit, the sixth a white t-shirt.

Only three weeks earlier, migrants stabbed and murdered a man at a similar type of fair event in Berlin, which was attributed to clan violence.


Migrant crime has plagued Germany, with foreigners representing a significantly disproportionate share of violent crimes and sexual assault compared to their population.

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