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Fight or Starve Washington tells war-weary Ukrainians

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Political scientist, head of the Centre for Expert Support of Political Processes Alexei Yaroshenko in the RT stream ‘Beautiful Russia’ commented on the statement of Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis, who proposed to take grain out of Ukraine on vessels escorted by NATO warships.

The European Union’s desperation for Ukraine’s golden harvest is due to the impudent presumption by Brussels that the EU would be paid for previously sent war weapons with Ukraine’s harvest which, because of the conflict, is now trapped in silos and warehouses. Again because of the NATO fuelled war, grain is fetching record prices.

Ukraine is the most agricultural fertile country in geographical Europe. Before World War I, Ukraine was known as ‘The Bread Basket of Euurope’

According to the political scientist, the Lithuanian minister is projecting the opinion of the collective West. He stated that it is beneficial for the United States to produce weapons and equip other countries making vast profits for the military complex.

‘When the American Congress votes for $40 billion military aid to Ukraine, they vote to pocket this money from the budget, because half of the members of Congress are directly or indirectly affiliated with the military-industrial complex,’ he said.

‘Senators who voted to attack Syria received 83 per cent more campaign money from military contractors than lawmakers voting no.’

Yaroshenko believes that the Americans are faced with a problem due to the fact that the Ukrainians no longer want to participate in hostilities against their Russian neighbours.

He says, ‘Fighting is being carried out only in 25-30% of Ukraine. For the rest (Ukrainians), the fighting is on the phone and TV screens. This war causes a less and less emotional response. This means that there are fewer Ukrainians who want to take American weapons into their hands,’ the political scientist said.

A cache of arms abandoned of the Ukrainian army was discovered in Kherson, who, in the period from February 24 to February 27 of this year, having thrown away their weapons and ammunition, dressed in civilian clothes, left their combat positions, RIA Novosti quotes a statement.

In his opinion, Washington is now trying to provoke an artificial famine in Ukraine ‘to raise morale.’


Earlier, The Times wrote that Lithuanian and British Foreign Ministers Gabrielius Landsbergis and Liz Truss discussed a plan to send warships to the Black Sea to escort ships exporting Ukrainian grain. Source

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