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German Government helps the needy but pensioners need not apply

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Olaf Scholz said goodbye to his predecessor at the chancellery, thanking her for her commitment to the role

The post-war German government has approved a number of measures aimed at helping the increasingly distressed population in the face of rising inflation and rising prices for food, heating and energy, Das Erste TV channel reports. 

However, not everyone is happy: for example, German pensioners cannot find words for disappointment and indignation, because the planned benefits will not affect them.

Mr Scholz’s cabinet includes seven Social Democrats, five Greens and four Free Democrats

With such wonderful weather, the German beaches on the Baltic Sea are already so crowded that it is hardly possible to find a place for a cooler bag. To reach the vacationer’s dream beaches a ticket to the coast for €9 will be valid not only on regular buses but also on regional trains.

The ticket is part of a package of government measures to reduce the financial burden, which also includes a discount on gas stations and a one-time benefit on electricity. But although the Bundesrat also approved the project this week, discussions about what else needs to be improved continuously. 

Berlin’s government quarter has a laid-back weekend atmosphere about it and so where is the catch? The package of measures to reduce the financial burden, which politicians have adopted here this week continues to be discussed. 

There is to be a one-time discount on electricity with a fixed price of €300, a discount on gasoline and a travel ticket for €9 are some of these measures that cause discontent. For example, in remote Buxtehude. Here, those who have to travel to work in a neighbouring city are afraid of the morning rush and the crowds on trains on weekends.

Claudia Bressler a resident of Buxtehude: ‘Packed public transport: This will get you nowhere. It will be a disaster, to be honest. And I think that these three months I really have to drive a car.’

Many pensioners are also dissatisfied because the planned preferential payment of €300 euros should bypass them, just like students. But food, gas and electricity are getting more expensive for them too.

Dorothea Müller is another retiree: ‘It’s neglect and ignorance, and I find it. Actually, I’m just at a loss for words. It cannot be that just part of the population are discounted.

Stefan Weil, Prime Minister of Lower Saxony says, ‘There are some groups that need to be rethought. These are, for example, pensioners who will not receive electricity benefits now. Like students, they have no other source of income.

The CDU also says that due to rising inflation and rising electricity prices, there should be more concessions for people like pensioners who do not have a lot of money.

Christian Haase CDU/CSU spokesman: We are now thinking about doubling the heating allowance and doubling the amount of the child allowance, as well as increasing the tax-free share of income for single parents.

The Minister of Social Affairs also acknowledged today that he wants to renegotiate the settlement, especially if prices remain high for a long time.

Hubertus Heil, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs: ‘I will make suggestions in this regard, including for basic income recipients who will be affected by mitigation measures for the first time this summer, but who generally need more support on a sustained basis.’


He did not speak more specifically today. No word on electricity benefits for pensioners. In any case, you can if you wish dance the tango in the government quarter for free. Source

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