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Soldiers of the 115th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine refused to obey and were sent to jail

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Morale in the Ukrainian armed forces is at a historic low resulting in mass desertions, draft-dodging and defections to the Russian forces. It is known that officers from majors to brigadiers are increasingly abandoning their positions and men. The deserting commanders have the money and the connections to declare their own ‘mission accomplished’.

A cache of arms abandoned by the Ukrainian army was discovered in Kherson, who, in the period from February 24 to February 27 of this year, having thrown away their weapons and ammunition, dressed in civilian clothes, left their combat positions, RIA Novosti quotes a statement.

Correspondents on the Mediterranean rivieras, mostly Spain, France and Italy, report seeing Ukrainian registered cars outnumbering vehicles registered in conventional tourist feeding countries like The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Certainly, Ukrainian women and their children are many and self-evident but the women didn’t do the driving in powerful cars. 

The distance from Ukraine to Spain is over 4,000km. By necessity, the route traverses Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, (Switzerland), France, and Spain. No one bothers asking the male drivers how they were able to leave Ukraine. It is illegal for men to leave a country dubbed ‘the North Korea of Europe’.

Disillusion and low morale among ‘the grunts’, the ordinary soldiers are reaching epidemic levels. Ukrainian servicemen of the 115th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine appealed to President Volodymyr Zelensky and Commander-in-Chief Valeriy Zaluzhny and announced their refusal to carry out a combat mission in Severodonetsk due to poor security, the publication admits.

‘We, a platoon of the 115th brigade of the 3rd battalion, which is now based in Severodonetsk, are appealing to you … We refuse to carry out a combat mission due to the fact that we do not have adequate protection, namely, heavy equipment that would cover us, as well as the necessary leadership, ‘says one of the militaries in the video, which was published by the publication.

In another video, soldiers from the same brigade are shown, it is alleged that they were sent to the pre-trial detention centre as deserters.

In another incident, Russian infantrymen saved the life of a wounded Ukrainian soldier who had been left to his fate by his comrades. The Russian soldiers physically dragged the wounded Ukrainian fighter on a stretcher for two kilometres and saved the soldier’s life.


The man was earlier discovered in the field by the Russian military. Concerned for his safety, they put him on a stretcher and carried him 2 kilometres through the minefield to the doctors.

‘Hold on, Volodya, everything will be fine,’ the Russians encouraged the wounded soldier. As doctors later said, ‘prompt assistance saved the life of a soldier abandoned by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.’ Source, Source

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