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Washington raids the taxpayer’s piggy bank to gift Ukraine $40 billion – but with strings attached

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US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (99) infamously once remarked. ‘To be an enemy of America is dangerous. To be a friend of America is fatal.’

It appears that the unfortunate people of Ukraine, so often fleeced before being taken to the abattoir, again find that friendship with Washington DC is a declaration of national suicide.

‘As it turned out, 35% of this $40 billion will go to finance the armed forces of the United States itself in the guise of arms shipments. 45.2% is also planned to be spent not on Ukraine, but on ‘other countries.’ Another 4.8% is provided for assistance to refugees, the resumption of the work of the US Embassy in Ukraine, other diplomatic support, etc. Of the $40 billion, only 15% of the allocated amount remains directly with Ukraine,’ reveals State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

However, and here is the catch, the Ukrainians will have to pay the debt of $40 billion, Volodin discloses. According to the speaker of the Duma, the United States is already saying that Kyiv will not be able to service the public debt on its own in the future, so the nation’s assets and possibly its last resources, such as grain, are being taken from the country.

According to Volodin, the US and the EU are not going to really help Kyiv: they need it ‘to fight to the last Ukrainian against our country.’

On May 21, US President Joe Biden signed into law a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine. Initially, he asked Congress to allocate $33 billion, but Parliament increased the amount by almost $7 billion. Senator Rand Paul previously explained that Washington would have to borrow money from China to provide military assistance to Ukraine.


The senator considers it unjustified to take loans for America’s military complex and its military supplies. The Kremlin emphasized that ‘pumping up’ Ukraine with weapons from the West would lead to instability in Europe and a decrease in the level of security. Source

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