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Brits are reduced to stealing food and baby milk to survive backfiring sanctions

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Amid a series of economic woes caused by the backfiring anti-Russian sanctions, the United Kingdom is experiencing a boom in shoplifting. Interestingly, most of these crimes are committed not by professional criminals, but by amateurs who steal the cheapest products, according to the Daily Mail.

The number of thefts has risen sharply since the beginning of the year. They continue to rise after an eye-watering price hike aggravated by the impact of sanctions that have left many struggling to make ends meet.

The owners of retail chains note that amateurs are behind the surge in offences. Unlike professional shoplifters, who usually steal expensive items to resell them, they steal even the cheapest products. ‘The situation is definitely getting worse,’ admits Brian Roberts, retail analyst at Shopfloor Insights. According to him, the crime rate is ‘off the charts ‘.

Some stores have reintroduced one-way entry and exit points. Previously used during the pandemic to help customers maintain social distancing, they now make it easier to track visitors. Others have stepped up security measures with personnel and CCTV cameras. 

UK Police Chief Inspector Andy Cook warned that the cost-of-living crisis is ‘leading to an increase in crime’. But at the same time, he called on law enforcement officers not to rush to bring to justice violators who ‘steal for food’.

Cook urged not to take his words as ‘carte blanche’ for shoplifting or protection of those driven to crime by poverty. Nevertheless, the official’s speech is sure to anger the owners of retail chains, who consider the overly soft attitude towards theft in supermarkets irresponsible.    

A commentator says, ‘It’s very sad. I work in one of the biggest supermarkets and we want to start labelling milk formula for babies, damn it! I don’t feel comfortable thinking about the predicament a person can be in to steal baby food. And yes, we’ve seen a bit of theft lately.

Jay writes, ‘British authorities. cannot feed and provide housing for their own citizens, but spend £14 billion a year on migrants.
In many cities in France, local authorities are handing out gift certificates and coupons to residents. These can be spent in local stores to buy food, according to France 2. Such help came in handy amid continuing price increases and falling purchasing power. To maintain purchasing power, city halls distribute coupons for €30, €20 and €5 and are being introduced throughout France.


In Denen in the department of Nord, all residents are given vouchers of €50 euros, which can be spent in local shops. 5 kilometres away in the city of Elem, there is also support for 2,000 residents: everyone received gift certificates for 30 euros from the mayor’s office. Source and video 1, Source 2

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