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Lavrov: Russia will rely only on itself and on countries that prove their reliability

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‘Believing that the eventual failure of anti-Russian sanctions would result in business returning to normal is self-delusional,’ says veteran political analyst Michael Walsh.

‘Over the years – including the Soviet-era – European nations benefited from trade with the world’s largest country. In the same way, the British Dominions, like Australia and New Zealand, Canada and South Africa, built their economies by trading with their British motherland.

‘The Common Market and later Britain becoming a member of the European Union scuppered all chances of a return to what things used to be. Those betrayed colonials and peoples of the British Dominions re-invented themselves and adapted to new trading partners.

‘Likewise, EU nations that foolishly imposed trade embargoes on the Russian Federation have likely lost not only the past but the future too. Russia has replaced trade with the Baltic States, Western and Mediterranean Europe with products from other parts of the world.’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says that Moscow will in future rely only on itself and on countries that have proven their reliability and do not ‘dance to someone else’s tune.’

Ukraine today

The minister answered the question whether the Western countries would improve relations with Russia. According to him, it depends entirely on Western countries.

‘When they end their frenzy and decide that there is Russia, Russia has not gone away and, I am convinced, it is getting stronger every year,’ he said. Ominously for the nations of the EU Bloc, he added that if Western countries want to offer something in terms of resuming relations with Russia, then Moscow will seriously consider whether we need it or not.

He explained that Russia is now creating not just some kind of import substitution process. Lavrov noted the need to stop in any way dependent on the supply of anything from the West to ensure the development of critical industries for the security, economy and social sphere of Russia.


‘If Western countries come to their senses and offer some form of cooperation, then we will decide where we go from there if we go with invitations at all,’ Lavrov said. Source

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