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Latvia Politicians circle like vultures in for the Thrill-Kill


Through the globalist West, there is a penchant for removing history in the form of changing street names, parks, public buildings, and, of course, monuments.

Strangely, the three monuments to Vladimir Lenin (not his real name) situated in the United States remain untouched. Yet Lenin is commonly believed to be the world’s most despicable terrorist whose inferno was to result in the martyrdom of 66.7 million mostly Christian martyrs.

Among those statues toppled one recalls that In April 2002, a 12-metre (39 ft) statue of Saddam Hussein in 2003 was hauled down after American troops looped a tether around the bust of the national leader’s neck and used a military vehicle to simply haul the statue off its plinth. The cost?  A beer or two for the guys who clambered up the plinth and maybe one for the driver of the tank or whatever.

What a chance missed for politicians to make a quick buck out of someone else’s bad luck. Had the cost-conscious penny-pinching Americans occupying Iraq drawn the attention of Latvian politicians to the problem then the cost of removing the statue of Saddam might have soared to maybe $10 million?

‘The dismantling of the monument to Soviet soldiers in Riga may take up to several million euros,’ the po-faced legislators of Riga’s Saeima declare without blinking an eye.

Vice Mayor of Riga Vilnis Kirsis said that the dismantling of the monument to Soviet soldiers who ‘liberated the city’ from German invaders may require up to several million euros. ………………….. for dismantling a monument? How much for demolishing a small block of offices? Maybe €100 million of taxpayers’ hard-earned and maybe a grant from Brussels? (NOTE: A Euro in value is close to that of a US dollar or British pound).

According to DELFI, Kirsis also added that a project has already been developed for the analysis of the monument and construction companies are being interviewed that could carry out these works. However, there are also difficulties, since the object is huge, so you may have to look for equipment abroad.

Strange as NATO has already stuffed the small nation with super tanks that could haul the monument to the war dead down – for a bottle of Riga Balsam.

Sensing the opportunity to make a quick buck or two, Latvia’s political elite will now be ‘casing the joint’ to see which contractors are prepared to offer the biggest cashback for the signing of the contract to remove the statue. I think we know where most of the ‘several million euros’ will go – and it will not be into the contractor’s bank account

The dismantling of the monument to the ‘liberators of Riga’ may require up to several million euros. According to DELFI, this was stated by the vice-mayor of Riga Vilnis Kirsis.

He said that a project for the dismantling of the monument has already been developed and construction companies that could carry out this work are being interviewed. Also, self-management expects a diet of changes in the law which will simplify the procedure of demolition. A method is currently being discussed on how to dismantle the monument.

Kirsis assured that the municipality would not delay the dismantling work, however, there are also difficulties, since the facility is huge, so it may be necessary to look for equipment abroad. The current plan is to dismantle the entire complex of the monument, and there are several options for where to deliver its dismantled components.


The vice-mayor noted that 264,000 euros, which people donated for the dismantling of the monument, are of great help, but at the moment it is difficult to name the exact amount of dismantling costs. Calculations show that it can cost from several hundred thousand – to several million euros. Well, allowing for the politician cut decidedly so. Source, Source 2

President Egils Levits has promulgated the law of Goodwill Reimbursement to the Jewish Community of Latvia

On February 21, 2022, President of Latvia Egils Levits has promulgated the law “On Goodwill Reimbursement to the Jewish Community of Latvia”. The law provides for goodwill compensation to the Jewish community of EUR 40 million over a period of ten years, starting in 2023, for properties nationalized during the Soviet occupation. Financial resources will be allocated to the Latvian Jewish Community Restitution Fund to restore and preserve the cultural and historical heritage of Latvian Jews, support Jewish organizations and implement activities and projects dealing with religion, culture, education, research, healthcare, sports and charity, promote consolidation, unity and development of the civil society.

The answers to the questions about the law are available here. Source

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