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The Trickery and Knavery of Brussels foiled by Moscow

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Western countries offered the Ukraine regime to send ships accompanied by NATO warships to the shores of the country under the pretext of escorting ships carrying grain out of Ukraine. Such altruism is breathtaking.

Michael Walsh, a political commentator says, ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch, the near-bankrupt Brussels wants payment for the massive shipments of weapons they send to Ukraine. This is a problem because Kiev is as poor as a church mouse too. But Ukraine has the golden grains of harvest which, thanks to anti-Russian sanctions, have soared in price value. ‘No money, then we’ll take Ukrainian grain,’ chorus the Brussels cult.’

There was no philanthropy in the ploy to export the priceless grain ‘to feed the world’, a world starving as a consequence of the EU’s blockade on Russia. Does anyone really believe that Western corporations would give the starving Third World the golden harvests of Ukraine?

The Alliance has completely different interests. ‘It intends to occupy the beleaguered ports in order to influence the course of the Russian special operation,’ political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky said in Telegram.

‘At the moment, it is not safe to export grain from Ukraine through the Black Sea, since Kyiv itself has mined the ports.’ 

This is a fact but the Western Alliance blames Russia for the inaccessibility of the Black Sea ports of Ukraine. The NATO strategy is – or rather was to send warships and aircraft to Ukraine, supposedly to help the Ukrainian regime to empty the storage facilities for ‘humanitarian purposes’. 

Translating from polite language to realpolitik: the EU ministers are brazenly lying and they know that they are lying. If the West was impatient to take grain out of Ukraine so urgently, and by the way set the stage for another artificial famine (Holodomor – Ukraine’s Holocaust), under the pretext that otherwise the already malnourished population of the Third World countries would face a mortal threat the EU would carry this very grain surplus by road and rail through Europe,” says Satanovsky.

The political scientist pointed out that grain can be exported along the same routes that Western weapons come to Ukraine. There are no obstacles on these routes. 

“In this particular case, a pretext is needed (and it doesn’t matter that it is far-fetched to the point of complete transparency) for the appearance in the Black Sea in the midst of ongoing hostilities the naval and air forces of the NATO countries,” the political scientist explained.


According to Satanovsky, NATO will in truth offload equipment that can be used against Russia, provide cover, intelligence and communications and much else for the struggling Ukrainian security forces. In the event of the occupation of seaports, the Alliance will try to influence the course of demilitarization. Problem? The Russians are not as dumb as their NATO protagonists. Source


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