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Even the second dose of the experimental covid jab causes heart problems

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87% of myocarditis cases are appearing after the second covid vaccine. Messenger RNA inoculations cause this pathology in almost 100% of the cases studied. The appearance of myocarditis after the covid vaccine has become one of the great enigmas for science. In recent months, numerous studies have pointed out its causes and show evidence that 87 per cent of patients with this pathology suffer from it after the second dose.

This conclusion is collected in the article ‘Systematic review and meta-analysis of World Reports of myocarditis after vaccination against Covid-19’. In this document, 40 studies are analysed where 147 cases of myocarditis are included.

Of them, 94 per cent were men and 6 percent women. As the authors point out, the average age of those affected was around 29 years and 72 per cent had received the Pfizer vaccine, 24 per cent Moderna and 3 percent others not specified.

This reinforces the theory that messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines cause more heart inflammation than the rest. ‘mRNA vaccines are associated with a higher risk of developing myocarditis than viral vector vaccines such as Janssen, Oxford and Sinovac. Therefore, it is assumed that the generation of autoantibodies could attack cardiac myocytes in response to the mRNA vaccine. mRNA, which increases the risk, they stress.

Myocarditis appears three days after the 2nd covid vaccine Furthermore, the authors of this study found that not only did patients report more myocarditis after the second dose of the vaccine, but the median interval to onset was three days.


Specifically, those affected reported chest pain, myalgia/body aches, and fever as the most common symptoms. According to the study authors, all afflicted were treated with NSAIDs, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, and/or diuretics. Another important finding is that myocarditis appears more in men than in women, according to the numerous studies carried out in this regard, this fact may be related to variations in sex hormones.

This is because the testosterone hormone kills anti-inflammatory immune cells while promoting more aggressive helper T cells. ‘The mechanism of vaccine-induced myocarditis is unknown, but it may be related to the active pathogenic component of the vaccine and specific human proteins, which could create immune cross-reactivity leading to autoimmune disease, which is one of the causes of myocarditis,’ they point out.


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