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SCANDAL: The president of PharmaMar is among the more than 2,200 of the elite falsely vaccinated with Covid

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José María Fernández Sousa-Faro is one of the names that appear in the criminal network dismantled in the Jenner operation by the Spanish National Police. The president of PharmaMar, is on the list of names of thousands of fake vaccinations against the coronavirus in Spain, as confirmed by police sources and reported by El Periódico de España. 

José María Fernández Sousa, presidente de Pharmamar – Belén Díaz

The president of the pharmaceutical company, founded 36 years ago, which has made headlines for the effectiveness of its drug Aplidin against covid. A National Police investigation known as operation Jenner disclosed that certificates of vaccination were handed out by the National Vaccination Registry in exchange for money and led to the dismantling of the Covid-19 false passport scheme.

The police list, sent to the Madrid courts, in addition to including Fernández Sousa-Faro, contains the names of other well-known figures such as the artist Omar Montes and the Australian tennis player Álex de Miñaur.

The president of PharmaMar, 76 years old and with a degree in Chemistry and a doctorate in Biochemistry from the Complutense University, was included in the plot of fake vaccinations for deceptively claiming that he had received the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

As ABC has learned, the executive paid the criminal organization the VIP rate (between €1,000 and €2,000 for appearing in the official vaccination database with the third dose, when he had not given it. In this way, he also fraudulently obtained, allegedly, the Covid passport, in order to travel. The company PharmaMar has not wanted to make any statements in this regard

As of October 25, 2021, those over 70 years of age could receive the third dose of the anti-covid vaccine, as agreed by the Ministry of Health, within its vaccination strategy. The plot to prove the false vaccination has been active until January of this year since it was set up in September 2021.

The Jenner operation of the National Police also led to the dismantling of the criminal network that provided false Covid passports throughout the European Union. An investigation led to the arrest of a nurse and an assistant as being responsible for fraudulently entering people into the National Vaccination Registry. They charged an amount of money depending on whether the client requested the registration of one or several doses. In addition, two more people who received payments and acted as intermediaries were arrested.

The name of the police operation Jenner is in recognition of Edward Jenner, an English doctor and scientist who developed the first vaccine and is considered the father of immunology. PharmaMar, presence in Europe and the United States, made up of 400 professionals, has among its claimed values ’commitment and rigour with science and with our project.’

José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, who founded PharmaMar in 1986, is a professor of Biochemistry at the Complutense and Santiago de Compostela Universities. He has a degree in Business Administration from IESE in Madrid. He has over 100 publications and patents in the area of biochemistry, antibiotics, and molecular biology.

PharmaMar ‘s president has more than 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry at ICI-Farma, Antibióticcs, Zeltia and PharmaMar. He was a member of the boards of directors of Antibióticos, Penibérica, Biolys, ICI-Farma, Pescanova, Transfesa, Cooper-Zeltia, ICI-Zeltia and Banco Guipuzcoano, according to data published on the website of the company.

Correspondent Nicole Webb writes, ‘Imagine that, the president of PharmaMar with his chemistry degree and doctorate in biochemistry decided it would be better to pay for a certificate rather than inject the ‘safe and effective vaccine’.

Two toilets from La Paz, organised by a woman whose normal trade is selling cars and a nightclub image model, were in charge of recording the names of the clients. In the case of this big pharma businessman, the same sources specify, that not only is he among those investigated, but also several of his relatives, with several false doses or the complete guideline.

The case is already in court, so it has not been necessary to call the businessman to testify before the Madrid Information Brigade, which is handling the case. Cases are pending against 2,200 similar holders of fake vaccination certificates.


Although the ringleaders pocketed about €500,000, they had another €1.5 million in investments in bitcoins. Among the 2,200 clients, there are Olympic athletes, bodybuilders and boxers, businessmen, doctors and even a pilot

Irene who is charged knew a large number of people from the world of nightlife and celebrities because she was the image of nightclubs. And that is where she met Mario, the liaison with the La Paz hospital, whose partner participated in the disjointed network in the Jenner operation.  Source 1, Source 2


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