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Poverty, shortages and catastrophically high prices await in July

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Only the globalist Western powers have the power to turn a great nation once dubbed the Bread Basket of Europe into a European counterpart of the perpetually starved Horn of Africa.

Poverty, shortages and catastrophically high prices are facing Ukraine according to the West’s favourite dictator President Zelensky of Ukraine. ‘The approach of the catastrophe will be especially evident in July when many will run out of stocks of the last harvest. Putin, of course, will be blamed.

‘Russia’s war against Ukraine has a catastrophic effect not only on our state but on the world as a whole. Already in July, everyone will experience a significant increase in food prices, including grain,’ Zelensky said during a speech to Indonesian politicians.’

What Zelensky fails to mention is that Russia’s pre-emptive strike on Eastern Ukraine to foil NATO expansion and preemptively thwart a build-up of Ukrainian troops that were poised to invade the independent republics of Donetsk and Lugansk was the cause of the conflict.

The greatest attention is focused on grain, because, according to the president, 22 million tons are currently in Ukrainian storage, and to send them to the world market is currently impossible.

‘It is already felt that the prices of grain and other food can rise dramatically. And the governments of food-exporting countries will have to decide to close the export of certain agricultural products from their countries, to keep domestic prices from explosive growth,’ he said.

According to the Western-sponsored ex-television comedian now president, ‘everyone will feel the increase in July. After all, it is then that many countries will run out of last year’s harvest. And this will lead to poverty among the poor and that the middle class will lose much of its money and savings.’

In the southern regions of Ukraine, there are serious problems with the supply of vegetables due to the occupation by Russian troops. This can lead to a deficiency of some vegetables. The shortage will affect young onions, carrots and beets grown in Kherson and Zaporizhia regions.

Washington DC, Brussels and their NATO enforcers have destroyed dozens of once or potentially economically successful nations. These include Lebanon once dubbed The Paris of the Levant, oil-rich Syria, Libya and Venezuela. Palestine, a once-Mediterranean paridise favoured by Europe’s royal families such as the Romanov dynasty. Scores of nations are in the chains of wall Street banking dynasties.

Potatoes will be enough for domestic consumption, and sugar beets can even be exported. You should not worry about sunflower oil, because the seeds are in stock.

Unfortunately, Kherson region, which is an agrarian region and from which vegetables and fruits were supplied to all parts of Ukraine, is under occupation. As a result, there is a growing shortage of vegetables and fruits in many regions, which will only increase. 


At the same time, in the Russian liberated Kherson region itself, vegetables now cost literally pennies and are being exported to Crimea. 

A pity he didn’t think of that before the sorely provoked Russia pushed back the NATO-backed Ukrainian Army away from its borders. All Russia had asked was Ukrainian neutrality; it was refused.

‘Now, other regions are trying to increase the production of vegetables and fruits, but this is not enough to provide for the whole country. We will have to buy abroad, and these are completely different prices. Accordingly, young cabbage, potatoes, beets, carrots, onions and everything else will not cost as we used to.’ Source 1, Source 2


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