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If the energy crisis worsens, 6 million households in the UK will face rolling blackouts, according to Sky News. However, the country’s Ministry of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy urged the British not to worry, as the government is preparing for any scenario, as they did for Covid.

The Westminster regime was warned that in the worst-case scenario, the country could impose restrictions on the use of gas in industry, including gas-fired power plants. This, in turn, will lead to a shortage of electricity, in connection with which 6 million homes will have to ration the power supply during peak hours in the morning and evening. Rolling blackouts can last more than a month.

A similar situation may arise if the Western Powers sanctions (to hurt Putin) continue and Europe faces a gas shortage due to their refusing energy resources from Russia. The worst-case scenario considered by the UK government involves complete cessation of Russian gas supplies to the EU – but it is the British, not the Russian governments that are cutting the incoming gas taps off.

According to a spokesman for the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the country ‘has no problems with the supply of gas or electricity and the government is fully prepared for any scenario, even the extreme and unlikely.’

‘With massive £90bn of investment in renewable energy over the past decade, we have one of the most reliable and diverse energy systems in the world and, unlike Europe, we are not dependent on Russian energy imports,’ they say.

In addition, the head of the ministry, African imported Kwasi Kwarteng, sent requests to the owners of the three remaining coal-fired power plants in the UK, Drax, Ratcliffe and West Burton, asking them not to close them. It was previously planned to close these power plants in September this year in accordance with plans to phase out the use of coal by 2024 to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.


‘While there is no shortage of supplies, we may need to turn on the remaining coal-fired power plants to provide additional backup power this coming winter if needed,’ a ministry spokesman, who asked to remain anonymous, said. However, the politician confirmed the firm intention of London to stop the use of coal energy by October 2024. Source


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