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Immediately after landing: Pilot suffers cardiac arrest after corona vaccination – not an isolated case


An American pilot suffered a heart attack shortly after landing his plane and whilst en route to his next flight. He blames the corona vaccination for this. But what happened is not an isolated case. Many pilots report problems after the mandatory corona vaccinations and their concerns beforehand but are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak out.

DALLAS (USA) – Robert Snow, a veteran American Airlines pilot, recently suffered a heart attack just minutes after landing his plane at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). According to the pilot, he assumes that his cardiac arrest is connected to Johnson & Johnson’s corona vaccine. On this day, the pilot was scheduled to make two more flights. It is unclear whether he will be able to continue working in his profession in the future.

Snow, who has been in commercial aviation for 31 years and served as a pilot in the US Air Force for seven years, elected to get the vaccine in November 2021 to continue his job. And that despite the fact that he had already had a corona infection and had recovered. Snow’s case received attention only from the smaller, conservative media.

Dr Peter McCullough, a world-renowned cardiologist, believes there is a connection between vaccination and heart attacks: ‘There is no other explanation,’ the doctor told Newsmax. ’It could actually be vaccine-induced myocarditis with a late manifestation of cardiac death.’ Snow is not an isolated case. He would fit the ‘pattern’ of side effects.

In an interview with the American Epoch Times, Snow explained that he had received several calls and messages from friends in the industry who had health problems after receiving the vaccine. What is most concerning to him, however, is that some pilots are afraid to speak up openly for fear of losing their medical clearance, which would mean they would no longer be allowed to fly.

‘We can no longer work as commercial pilots. And in the worst case, you can no longer fly at all. I guess that’s what I’m experiencing right now,’ Snow explained. According to Snow, not only were pilots concerned about mandatory vaccination and vaccine safety but so were flight attendants, mechanics, dispatchers, gate attendants and others.

‘Originally, my employer didn’t want to force the vaccine on their employees,’ Snow said. It was not until October 1 that they changed their minds in connection with US President Joe Biden’s introduction of vaccination requirements for government contractors in September.

‘They decided to enforce compulsory vaccination for all airline employees. We were told that if we didn’t get vaccinated, we would be fired. At the time there was no doubt about the seriousness of that statement,’ Snow said.

According to an expert panel of lawyers, doctors and others reported by the Epoch Times back in December last year, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) requirement for vaccinations violates its own regulations. According to the rule, pilots are not allowed to fly if they are taking medication that has only been approved for less than a year.

‘After careful consideration and because I am the only breadwinner in my family, I decided to take the vaccine. I did not want that. I have serious doubts about the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the vaccine. Furthermore, I had already contracted COVID and had tested positive for antibodies. There was no reason for me to get vaccinated.’ 

A special permit for religious or medical reasons was out of the question for him, because these did not apply to him: ‘… well, for moral and ethical reasons, definitely, but these were not recognized.’

After the vaccination, Snow suffered from arm pain for ten days and could feel the pain slowly spreading up his upper body. He had never experienced anything like this with previous vaccinations. With travel or military vaccinations, he was in pain for a maximum of two or three days. It all normalized over time.

Speaking to The Epoch Times, he recalled an incident during one of his flights in January: ‘I noticed an odd pain in my right shoulder while operating the top panel. … The pain continued to spread to the lower right side of the body, which struck me as odd. But I blamed it on a wrong move… or a pinched nerve. … Then after a minute or two, everything was back to normal.’

After the end of the flight, Snow tested positive for Corona for the second time. Mind you, that was after the vaccination. He tested positive for the first time in March 2021.

 ‘I assumed it was the omicron variety because I was just having allergic reactions,’ he recalled. ‘I sneezed a lot, my nose ran and that was it, no fever, no chills, nothing, no loss of taste and smell like the first time.’


While awaiting computed tomography results, Snow suffered a heart attack while on a work assignment, right after his flight landed:  ’We were at the gate just minutes after the plane shut down. Six, seven minutes after landing. I got up to get my luggage and go to the next plane. … And that’s the last thing I remember. When I woke up, I was in the intensive care unit at the Baylor Scott and White in Grapevine, Texas,’ the pilot continued.

Attorney John Pierce Law, who has represented many prominent Conservatives, will sue 18 major airlines for ‘unconstitutional vaccination requirements,’ including American Airlines. Johnson & Johnson has not yet responded to a request from The Epoch Times. This post first appeared in The Epoch Times. Source


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