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The West, Central Europe and Russia are all getting tired of this war and its costs

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It was inevitable that this eventually would happen. The massive number of volunteers aiding refugees is beginning to dwindle, especially compared to the beginning of the war, with many good people growing weary of those they have taken into their homes.

Russia is tired as it was meant to be all over in a few days. In effect, it was over by mid-March. However, Moscow could never have anticipated that a local conflict would have turned into an American war using Ukraine as an enforcer thus lengthening the war. The West is also tired, as the effects of sanctions imposed on Russia are being felt back home. 

Increasingly, Ukrainian President Zelensky addressing them by video is beginning to irritate the West; many there feel that instead of demanding more heavy weapons, he should pacify Moscow by reaching an agreement over territory.

Now that all the ritual gestures about defending democracy and territorial integrity have been made, they yearn to return to trade with Russia. Key EU states such as Germany and France are dragging their feet on supplying Ukraine with arms while Russian artillery destroys the Ukrainian Army, ultra-nationalists and mercenaries.


Hapless political leaders are now waking up to reality: This is not a war between Putin and Ukraine but a clash between America-EU vs. Russia. – Jerzy Surdykowski in Polish daily Rzeczpospolita.


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