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Ukrainian evacuees abandoned but Third World migrants receive bountiful benefits

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Four months of full protection of Ukrainian refugees is a sufficient period, according to the Polish authorities, who announced that from July 1, with few exceptions, Ukrainians in Poland will have to become self-sufficient, writes Rzeczpospolita. 

Apparently forgetting that the conflict is still raging and likely to escalate it add, ‘Perhaps this is also a signal that it is time for them to return home and restore their state, Polish professor Piotr Dlugosh tells the publication.

Refugees wait in a crowd for transportation after fleeing from Ukraine and arriving at the border crossing in Medyka, Poland, Monday, March 7, 2022. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians attempting to flee to safety Sunday were forced to shelter from Russian shelling that pummeled cities in Ukraine’s centre, north and south. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

It is interesting that Third World migrants infesting the European Union are never denied benefits, coerced into becoming independent or starve, and if they don’t like it, return home to re-build their countries destroyed by NATO.

In a month, the Polish authorities will turn off the tap with money intended to provide housing and food for refugees from Ukraine, journalist Isabela Kasprzak writes in Rzeczpospolita.

‘From July 1, the government will no longer pay 40 zł for a refugee. We are convinced that many people are able to become independent and adapt in Poland,’ said Pawel Schefernaker, deputy head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration and government spokesman for refugees. At the same time, the deputy minister noted that there will be exceptions to the rules. The payment of funds will continue in relation to the disabled, pregnant women and women with many children. 

The journalist recalls that initially, the authorities provided assistance to Ukrainian refugees for a period of 60 days, a month ago they extended it for another 60 days, but it seems that this is all. 

‘We pay out large special funds, from PLN 300 for each child to PLN 500 for each child and other amounts resulting from social benefits. Moreover, we see that many Ukrainians are looking for work, find it and cope. We want to encourage others to be active. Four months of full protection is, in our opinion, a sufficient period,’ a senior politician from the Law and Justice party, who remained anonymous, told the publication.

Poland intends to take a wide range of initiatives aimed at activating Ukrainians in terms of legal employment. A special law is under development to finance Polish language courses and advanced training courses for Ukrainians. These steps will certainly help them find their place in the labour market, but for many, becoming independent in a month of transition will be unrealistic. Perhaps the care of refugees will be placed more on the shoulders of private individuals.

Polish professor Piotr Dlugosh believes, however, that the decision of the authorities should not cause controversy. ‘Perhaps the government did a thorough study and realized that most refugees are self-supporting anyway. Perhaps this decision shows to some extent that support is coming to an end and it is time to return to Ukraine,’ he explains. 


Dlugosh cites survey data, according to which only 17% of Ukrainian refugees live in Polish families. Another study shows that 71% of refugees from Ukraine in Poland live on their own means. According to the professor, many Ukrainians will return to their homes when financial assistance in the countries that hosted them runs out. 

If this young and dynamic group with a high level of human capital does not return, it will be very difficult for Ukrainians to create a strong and modern state,’ he concludes.  Source


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