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We Were of Our Time but Before Our Time: There is nothing quite like reading the obituaries of left-wing figures like subversive Ray Hill to remind us of the toxic content and intent of the globalist news barons to wage war on the concept of nation-nationalism.

Michael Walsh, the veteran anti-migrant activist was a friend, associate or confidant of past nationalist leaders and sympathisers like Lady Jane Birdwood, John Tyndall, Martin Webster, Nick Griffin MEP, Dr David Duke, Diana Mitford, wife of Sir Oswald Mosley, Dr Ed Fields, James K. Warner, Frederick Toben, Willis Carto, J. B Stoner, American States Rights Party, Ernst and Ingrid Zundel, Colin Jordan…. The illustrious was list goes on.

There was one slimy figure who used the Marxist ploy of entryism to curry favour with Michael Walsh (McLaughlin). It never worked: Ray Hill was not even a card-carrying member of the British Movement. Yet, the obituaries of all mainstream from the Anti-Fascist Searchlight, the usual red top tabloids, air media, the Guardian and the Communist tabloid Morning Star describe hill as the Deputy Leader of the British Movement. A total fantasy.

On a ‘try before you buy’ understanding, the mole Ray Hill was given a minor group leadership position whilst his membership was considered. Such was his ineptness that he failed on every count. He was the poorest performing group leader in the Party which had up to 100 groups and branches. Somehow, the media gave the street pugilist a role as Deputy Leader. How laughable.

Michael smiles: ‘My wife implored me to write my biography. I did so only after she pointed out that if I didn’t my enemies would do it for me and it would be their memoirs, not mine.’ In fact, in addition to The Rise of the Sun Wheel, I penned two further memoirs, The Leaving of Liverpool and Britannic Waives the Rules. These self-styled publishing houses like Amazon removed all three memoirs.

Ray Hill

Raymond (Ray) Hill was a small-time thug and crook with facial features only a mother could love. Born in a northern English slum town he served in the army – as a conscript. It is claimed he was non-Jewish. Who cares when there are so many shabby shabbos goy ready to take the Jewish pfennig.

On the other hand, Raymond Hill bore a mug shot so like that of the Hollywood actor Edward G. Robinson that he could have been his twin. Edward G Robinson was a Romanian Jew whose real name was Emmanuel Goldenberg. Demobbed and rudderless, the shiftless non-achiever Raymond Hill ended up in Leicester where he took an interest in the nationalist scene.

Hill was a cohort of Colin Jordan, whose name appeared on the list of clients of the notorious Elm House paedophile brothel. Jordan was later outed as a Cambridge University mole passing on membership lists to Stalin’s KGB.

In 1969, Hill, disreputable and devious got into a lowlife fracas with a café owner. The row was over an unpaid bill for a coffee. Infamously quick with his fists (Hill had been an amateur boxer in the British Army), Hill took off – downhill. Grabbing his wife’s hand, the fugitive from justice made it to Apartheid South Africa. There, he immediately became involved with Jewish anti-Apartheid insurrectionists, Hill joined the South African National Front but his actual membership is a matter of dispute. In South Africa, Hill earned his keep by passing on the names and addresses of members to his Jewish cohorts.

Hill, seeing where things were going in the Republic again did a runner – back to Britain. Strangely, the police arrest warrant (the contract) was lifted. So much for what the police claim to be the long arm of the law.

Hill then got involved in the various right-wing movements. Using his one gift of thuggish street oratory he won some of the impressionable teens over in the National Front, National Party and British Movement. This led to dissension in the ranks.

Michael Walsh recalls that at the time British Movement (1983) was struggling anyway. The Party had run out of steam and money and it needed re-charging, a change of policy and better vetting of member quality. This would take time and money. At this critical point Ray Hill, his key court witness being veteran Soviet mole Colin Jordan, and his left-wing mole and ally, solicitor Anthony Reed-Herbert, legally challenged Walsh-McLaughlin’s constitutional right to the Party’s leadership.

Their legal assault would be publicly funded whilst Walsh-McLaughlin would have no choice but to pay for costs amounting to tens of thousands of pounds.

It was 1983: Broke and with his wife bearing the first of two infants born 10 months apart, plus the loss of the head office at 95a Chester Road East in Deeside, the old British Movement was dead in the water anyway. In hindsight, it was clear that at the time, the era of the old British Movement, which had been a remarkable success, was over.

In truth, the resignation of Michael Walsh-McLaughlin, whose leadership was legally ascertained and is still valid, was right for the time. Michael went on to own one of Britain’s most profitable gun dealerships.

In 1989, the former leader of the most successful post-war National Socialism movement was headhunted by the prestigious Guild of Master Craftsmen.  He proved to be the Guild’s most successful quality assurance business manager after vetting and approving several thousand of Britain’s best business companies. LISTEN TO MICHAEL WALSH BROADCAST:

ACH (1806) Michael Walsh – The Professional Subversion Of Raymond Hill

In today’s show originally broadcast on June 2 2022, Andy is joined by Michael Walsh for a show entitled, “The Professional Subversion Of Raymond Hill.”

We discussed: how the left-wing obituaries of Ray Hill are very different to Mike’s recollection of him; how Mike first met Ray in 1968; why Ray fled Britain for South Africa in 1970; Ray’s infiltration of the South African National Front; why Mike believes Ray was allied with Colin Jordan; Ray’s return to the UK in 1980; how the mainstream media claims that Ray was the Deputy Leader of the British Movement are laughable as he was not even a registered member; Mike’s commentary on Ray’s Wikipedia page; Mike trial at the British High Court; how Ray admitted in his book that Mike was the only person in the Nationalist Movement who correctly identified him as a mole; and many other topics.

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RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL Mike Walsh-McLaughlin. The charismatic leader of the 1960s-1980s legendary British (National Socialist) Movement. Relive the rallies, marches, street fighting, organisation, learn from a training manual for future fighters, gaol time, international campaigns, smuggling dissident literature. Michael Walsh and his Leader Guard were the last National Socialists to address mass crowds at Trafalgar Square and East London’s Brick Lane. Discover a still fighting revolutionary veteran who built Europe’s finest revolutionary party of ethnic-socialists since WWII. 

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