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Putin named five ways to export grain from Ukraine as he calls Brussels Bluff

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It is Washington and Brussels who refuse to feed the starving world with Ukraine’s agricultural produce. Yet, for the purpose of ‘Blame Putin’ for every self-calamity by the West, the Western Alliance is prepared to starve millions of people in the Third World and in Europe too….. falsely blaming Russia for the calamity.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there is no problem with the export of grain from Ukraine. It can be exported in five directions: through Ukrainian ports, but they need to be cleared of Ukrainian placed mines, through neighbouring ‘open frontiers’ Poland, along the Danube through Romania, through the Russian-controlled ports in the Azov and Black Seas, and, ‘the easiest and cheapest way’, through Belarus.

‘But for this, the sanctions should be lifted from this country,’ the head of state said in an interview with Pavel Zarubin, a journalist for the Rossiya 1 TV channel. ‘The simplest is export from the territory of Belarus, the cheapest. From there, immediately to the ports of the Baltic States, the Baltic Sea and anywhere in the world. 

But for this, it is necessary to remove sanctions from Belarus. This is not our question, but, in any case, the President of Belarus, Alexander Grigoryevich (Lukashenko), puts the question in this way, ‘the president said.


He also noted that Russia, for its part, is ready to ensure the safe export of grain through the ports under its control. ’We will ensure peaceful passage, we guarantee the safety of approaches to these ports, we will ensure the entry of foreign ships and their movement along the Azov and Black Seas in any direction,’ the president said. Statements by Western countries that Russia does not allow grain to be exported from Ukraine, he called ‘bluff.’ Source


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