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The Isolation of Whites at Europe’s Ballot Boxes

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Over one million non-Swedish migrants who were not born in Sweden will be eligible to vote in the country’s national elections later this year out of a total population of 10.3 million. To be precise, 1.2 million foreign-born migrants will be eligible to cast their vote, tipping the number over the one million mark for the first time in electoral history.

‘The new number of foreign-born voters is a full 200,000 higher than the last Swedish national election, according to a report from broadcaster Sveriges Radio,’ reports Breitbart.

Observers have noted that foreign-born migrants overwhelmingly vote for left-wing parties, in Sweden’s case primarily the ruling Social Democrats. Furthermore, whereas ethnic-European votes are cast for multiple candidates and thus like watered-down wine lose their impact the more pragmatic and ethnic-conscious migrants vote for candidates that are pro-migrant. In this way, Whites can be easily outvoted by fewer migrants.

‘If you combine voting for the Left Party and the Social Democrats, it’s a clear red (left) vote,’ said Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson, professor of political science.

And people still wonder why left-wing political parties lobby for ever-increasing levels of mass, uncontrolled immigration. Sweden is renowned for being the most welcoming country in Europe when it comes to migrants and refugees, which has come at a certain cost. Violent crime and sexual assaults have significantly increased since the country accepted a new wave of migrants in 2015.

As we previously reported, has been one of the safest countries in Europe 20 years ago before mass uncontrolled immigration, Sweden is now the continent’s second most dangerous. Last year, Germany’s Bild newspaper ran the headline: ‘Sweden is the most dangerous country in Europe.’

Grenade attacks and deadly shootings in Sweden concerns over which were once derided as a ‘conspiracy theory’ by the media, now represent a ‘national emergency’ according to a report by Quillette. Ethnic Swedes will be a minority in their own country within 40 years, possibly sooner, with 10 per cent of newborn babies in Sweden currently having Islamic names. As we document in the video below, the UK may now be on a very similar trajectory. Source


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