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Hungary vs England 1-0 but 10/10 for Booing and Jeering England’s BLM Bootlickers

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Hungary scores a major victory over the English national team, but Hungarian fans booing becomes the top international story. Hungary’s national football team scored its first win against England in 60 years in a Nations League match on Saturday. This in itself was an achievement of great importance in the world of football.

But the headlines everywhere were focused on the audience, made up entirely of children, who booed and jeered at the English players as they kneeled in tribute to the notoriously corrupt and divisive Black Lives Matter (BLM) before the match.

Saturday’s League of Nations match was supposed to be held behind closed doors, as the European Football Association (UEFA) originally penalized the Hungarian national team with three closed goalie matches after last summer’s European Championship for the behaviour of disruptive Hungarian supporters.

Later, this penalty was reduced to two closed matches and the play of the second closed match was suspended for two years. Using the opportunity provided by the rules, the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) invited 30,000 Hungarian children under the age of 14 and their 3,000 guardians to the Puskás Arena for the Hungarian-English match on Saturday free of charge. The video below shows the young audience’s reaction to their kneeling.

However, in its report on the match, the BBC added that the Hungarian public has fully respected the English national anthem.

‘I have no idea why people would choose to boo the gesture,’ England manager Gareth Southgate told Channel 4. ‘It is massively disappointing. It’s important people understand why we are doing it. It’s not something we want to hear. We want to keep pushing the message,’ English defender Conor Coady said.


The only goal of the match was scored by RB Leipzig midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai in a penalty in minute 66. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated the team in a Facebook message, saying that the national team’s first victory against England ‘may have been visible even from the Moon,’ with the phrase a reference back to his fourth consecutive election victory on April 3, after which he also said that his landslide victory may have been visible from the Moon, and certainly from Brussels. VIDEO


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