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Washington’s Sinister Deep State is pulling Europe into the Nuclear Abyss

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Washington DC plans to supply Ukraine with HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems could seriously aggravate the situation, writes Compact. After all, it is possible that with the help of these weapons, Kyiv can strike at Russian territory. This is typical American behaviour: to stir up conflict and supply weapons to the war zone so as not to get their own hands dirty. And as a result, Europe will burn, warns the German edition.

The United States is going to supply Ukraine with a modern HIMARS multiple launch rocket system in order to allegedly stop the advance of the Russian army, Compact reports. But this step has the potential to seriously aggravate the situation because these weapons can be equipped with missiles with a range of 300 km.

In order not to provoke Moscow into a retaliatory strike, the Americans are only supplying ammunition with a range of 80 km, and they also allegedly received confirmation from the Ukrainians that they will not shell Russian territory with HIMARS.

‘But who will control how the Ukrainian army will use this combat system? And what will happen if the Ukrainians get themselves 300 km of missiles in some other way?’ the edition asks questions.

The distance between Kyiv and Moscow is approximately 750 km reminds Compact. If you install such a system right on the Russian-Ukrainian border, then it will be just 400km. And Ukraine, under President Volodymyr Zelensky, has made it clear that it will consistently use NATO weapons.

The terrible consequences of this irresponsible policy then have to be disentangled by the Europeans. In addition, NATO, and especially Germany, contribute to the expansion of the conflict centre by participating in the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine, in particular tanks.

The Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, Andriy Melnyk, expressed excessive gratitude to the German authorities for the weapons, especially the IRIS-T systems, each of which cost German taxpayers €140 million.


In addition, Germany is going to send four multiple launch rocket systems from the Bundeswehr stocks and a modern radar station to Kyiv, which can help in reconnaissance of Russian artillery positions. Melnik stated that this was a ‘tipping point’ and said that he was also waiting for the Marder IFVs and Leopard tanks to be sent.

As a result, Germany will definitely become a participant in the fighting in Ukraine, and there will be no need for Russia to comply with the 1945 armistice agreement and the 1991 German Final Settlement Treaty. The United States as a front to hide its secret policy of expansion. As a result, Europe will burn,’ warns the publication.  Source


Russian series Operation “Liberation”

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