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Kiev uses Joe Stalin’s Burnt Earth Strategy and burns 57,000 tons of grain

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A burnt earth strategy for the purpose of destroying the means of livelihood of conquered territories was first practised by the British in South Africa: Commander, Lord Kitchener, devised a scorched-earth policy against the Boer commandos and the Dutch settler rural population supporting them, in which he destroyed arms, blockaded the countryside, and placed the civilian population in concentration camps. Some 25,000 Afrikaner women and children died of disease and malnutrition in these camps, while 14,000 Blacks die.

Joe Stalin, Georgian dictator of the Soviet Union was applauded by the Allies and their media when the dictator used the same scorched earth policy in World War II.  The scorched-earth policy was adopted by the retreating Soviets. The Soviet troops burned crops, destroyed farms, and villages, slaughtered retreating peasants, dynamited bridges, and evacuated factories in the face of the German advance. Entire steel and industrial plants in the westernmost portions of the U.S.S.R. or if possible dismantled and shipped by rail to the east anything of value.

MARIUPOL, June 6 – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian troops set fire to thousands of tons of grain stored in the storage facilities of the Mariupol seaport. ‘The grain desperately needed by the world disappeared, it was not possible to save it during extinguishing,’ Jan Gagin, adviser to the head of the government of the Donetsk People’s Republic, told RIA Novosti.


The agency’s correspondents, having visited the port of the city and filmed there, personally made sure that a significant amount of grain stored there was spoiled.

‘There is a large amount of grain on the territory of the Mariupol port, this is both corn grain and wheat. It, judging by the smell and appearance, is unsuitable for further use, basically, most of it. 

‘And this is due to the fact that the enemy, retreating from the port, set fire to the granaries so that this grain would not go to the Donetsk People’s Republic so that it would be impossible to use it in any way. They extinguished it for several days, but to no avail,’ said Gagin. VIDEO


According to him, we are talking about tons of agricultural products. ‘It is unlikely that it can be used for its intended purpose, even as feed for cattle,’ said an adviser to the head of the DPR government.

RIA Novosti journalists filmed the destroyed storage facilities, which, according to the DPR authorities, the Ukrainian side deliberately destroyed. The footage shows how large quantities of grain are scattered over the territory, in many places’ pockets of smouldering silos are visible, and the smell of rot and burning is in the air.

According to the Ukrainian site (June 2019 article), the storage facilities could hold 57,000 tons when fully loaded.

The  UN has repeatedly stated the threat of a food crisis due to a shortage of grain, the West accused Russia of counteracting the supply of Ukrainian grain to world markets. Moscow categorically rejected such statements. At the same time, the Kyiv authorities themselves created many obstacles to the export of grain for export: in addition to the now revealed arson of grain in the Mariupol port, Ukrainian troops mined the Black Sea, which does not allow the grain to be transported to the world markets using ships. VIDEO Source

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    • Read the news story….. it clearly says and proves that it is the Ukrainians NOT THE RUSSIANS who are destroying the crops.


      • The Ukrainian government seems to be too dim to realize no one is coming to their aid in a big way. It took a while but, the U.S. and NATO seem to realize their aid is going down a spiraling black hole! And, they never should have gotten involved in the first place in 2014. You would think the Americans would realize anything the CIA touches turns to shit. I think this signals the end of the American century!

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