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The United States owns up to the uncovered internationally outlawed biological laboratories in Ukraine

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The term, ‘nothing to hide nothing to fear’ has come back to haunt the sinister apparatchiks of Washington’s notorious Deep State. After years of cover-up and months of denial, the US had finally admitted that over the past 20 years it has supported 46 ‘civilian’ laboratories and disease diagnostic centres in Ukraine ‘to improve biosecurity in the country.’ 

This was reported in a much overdue widespread release of the Pentagon, reports RIA Novosti. Conveniently, the Press Release coincided with the sentencing of mercenaries captured and caged in the Donetsk Peoples Republic: ‘A good day to bury bad news’ as a British Press spokesman once grinned.

The US has also been working to improve ‘the effectiveness of human and animal surveillance,’ according to the paper. The Pentagon claims, that the cooperation was open, in compliance with the norms of Ukrainian and American legislation, as well as international law.

Ukrainian laboratories

This claim will be vigorously contested in the higher more independent courts in which Russian experts will testify and produce evidence to the contrary.

In addition, international organizations, suspiciously including the WHO, joined the joint work. The United States claims that Ukraine did not implement nuclear, chemical or biological military programs. Her laboratories fully complied with civilian standards. This claim will again be contested.

Note the red herring – the use of the name Ukraine rather than the US. However, these laboratories were Washington and Pentagon controlled, financed and staffed – not by the Ukrainian government. So why throw in the term Ukraine; no one charged Ukraine with the offences, the accusations were laid at Washington’s door.


Earlier, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the  UN Vasily Nebenzya, during a speech at a meeting of the Security Council, said that Russia would initiate an international investigation into military biological activities in Ukraine at the UN. Source


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