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Former Russian President Medvedev Scolds Ukraine’s Zelensky About His Cocaine Addiction

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Dmitry Medvedev, the former President of Russia and now Deputy Chairman of the National Security Council has become one of the most hardcore Russian politicians after he admonished Ukraine leaders to stop using cocaine and start negotiating peace with Russia.

In the brief video, Medvedev states, ‘In the end, Ukraine’s refusal to negotiate risks resulting in the loss of its national sovereignty. This is blatantly obvious. Authorities in Kiev should understand this, and use their brains a little when deciding on whether to continue negotiating or not. And not under the influence of cocaine or other stimulants they use, but with a sober mind.’ Source

In a video interview before becoming President of Ukraine, Zelensky openly admitted to his cocaine use, and praised the drug’s positive impact on his life, such as being able to take his dog for a morning walk:

Interviewer: How do you feel about coke? Zelensky: Awesome! Awesome! Energy, man. Number one!

Interviewer: Seriously?

Zelensky: Seriously! Energy for the whole day. At 7 a.m. I got up, took a walk with the dog. And I do snort drugs. This is the mode. I live in it. I advise everyone, just not hard drugs. Therefore, they make you want to sleep during the day. And this charge is enough for me until the evening. Yes!

And judging from Zelensky’s random facial expressions caught on camera, sniffing, snorting, twitching, eyes bulging, jaw grinding, he shows many of the outward symptoms of hardcore cocaine addiction.

We are not sure why he doesn’t consider cocaine a hard drug, but apparently, a ‘hard drug’ for Zelensky and his cohorts is any downer, like barbiturates, morphine, and heroin, drugs that don’t make him feel like the Master of the Universe.


And here is Zelensky in what appears to be a drug-induced stupor, doing his best impression of Al Pacino in Scarface [graphic language warning],  though void of Tony Montana’s charisma and menace.

That Zelensky has chosen to ignore the sober advice of the Israelis, to capitulate to Russia or face utter annihilation, surely indicates that Ukraine’s fate may be similar to Poland’s in World War II, when the Marshall of Poland, Edward Rydz-Śmigły, ignored all sensible overtures from Germany for a peaceful settlement and guaranteed Poland’s swift and utter destruction. Source and video


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