Five things you were never told about history’s most notorious mass murderer

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During my stay in Sochi, we had a cool opportunity: to take a walk around the dacha (country villa) of the leader himself. It was a long drive, and stuffy, crowded public transport with Formula 1 drivers was not much fun. But we thought it would be worth it. 

The luxurious, hidden in the wilderness and once securely guarded villa seemed to be one of the most stylish buildings of the pre-war period. It is interesting that Stalin had 20 of these countryside large homes. The tyrant personally selected a place for each of his new residences. It was revealed that he kept his location secret as he constantly feared assassination attempts on his life.

Instead of a boring excursion, we got a fascinating story about the ins and outs of one of the main faces of our history. So, here are five facts about Joseph Stalin that are not customary to advertise:

1. Difficult childhood: Soso’s childhood and youth, as his relatives called him, passed in a terrible atmosphere of constant violence. The boy’s father suffered from alcoholism, often came home drunk and beat the living daylights out of his wife and son. Once, the future leader of the USSR even threw a knife at the offender in an attempt to protect his mother.

The pockmarked Iosif Vissarionovich was often very sick. His biography included everything from spliced fingers to smallpox, scarlet fever and measles. In addition, the poor fellow was once knocked down by a horse, but the boy escaped with a broken arm. He liked to wear – and to be seen in military uniforms festooned with medals. However, Stalin never served in the armed forces.

2. Future bishop and elementary school teacher: His mother loved her son and was ready to give the last if only he would become a man. So, by the will of fate, Joseph Dzhugashvili ended up in a theological school, and then in a seminary with a firm goal: to learn to instruct people in pure and good deeds. Maybe if his dreams had come true, history would have taken a very different path.

But Stalin devoted himself to Marxism, studied Darwin’s Origin of Species, and embarked on the path of atheism. But even though he dropped out, his years of study would have qualified him to become an elementary school teacher. There is a legend that when Stalin returned to his mother at the zenith of his power, the following dialogue took place:
‘Who have you become now, Soso?’

‘I became king.

‘It would be better if you became a bishop,’ the old woman answered.

3. Stalin’s Women: They say that the leader was serious with only five women. With the first, Georgian, they got married when she was 16 years old. It’s funny that the girl was extremely shy and often hid under the table when guests came. The poor thing died of an illness, and Stalin was widowed for the first time. 

Koba’s next wife committed suicide for an unknown reason. Many of her relatives followed her into the next world. Judging by the leader’s love of conspiracy, they might know something. The Soviet leader also had mistresses. Stalin’s first wife is a Georgian. The second one looks like a Georgian. ‘Mistresses are stately Russian beauties,’ Maria Svanidze, a relative, wrote in her diary.

4. Adulthood The son from his first marriage, Yasha, also tried to commit suicide. To which the cold-blooded father only grinned, ‘even this cannot be completed. It was he who was not exchanged for a field marshal. 

Yasha got his wish when he was killed in captivity ill found his death in the first year of the war. After the death of his mother, his son was supposed to be monitored by an NKVD officer who reported on any missteps of the guy, up to what grades he received at school and what notes he wrote. But this is probably not as scary as the regular beatings by his father.

But the daughter, Svetlana, was a favourite child. He called her mistress, and she called him her secretary. In which case, the baby said that she would complain about her dad to the cook. And Stalin pretended to be afraid, which greatly amused his daughter.

Interestingly, Sveta was married five times. The last time for an American.

5. Exceptional mind: Psychiatrists ascribed many diagnoses to Stalin: from slowly developing schizophrenia to narcissism and paranoia. But one thing is clear, the person was specific, with a non-standard mindset.
Stalin can be treated differently. 


For some, this is the killer of millions, for someone, a person who was able to lead the country as a winner from the most terrible and bloody war. The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle 🙂 Source



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