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Former Russian President Medvedev doubts whether Ukraine will still exist in 2 years


Former Russian President Medvedev has asked whether Ukraine will still exist as a state in two years’ time. The background to Medvedev’s statement was the new Lend-Lease deliveries from the USA, which Ukraine wants to receive. The point is that the United States is supplying Ukraine with weapons that Ukraine will eventually pay for later. 

The states that received arms and other equipment from the United States under lend-lease contracts during World War II continued to repay those debts for many decades thereafter. Russia, for example, only made the last lend-lease payments for US arms deliveries to the Soviet Union a few years ago.

How much longer will Ukraine exist? Now Ukraine had the ingenious idea to stop buying cheap Russian gas and instead have the US deliver the more expensive liquefied gas under Lend-Lease regulations. This means that Ukraine gets gas from the USA today and pays for it sometime later with interest and compound interest.

The former Russian President reacted to this latest idea from the Kiev Cabinet of Absurdities with the following words on Telegram: ‘I saw the news that Ukraine wants to receive LNG from its overseas lords and masters under the Lend-Lease agreement, with payment for the delivery to be made in two years. Otherwise, she would simply freeze to death in the coming winter.

Just one question. Who said that in two years there will even be a Ukraine on the world map? The Americans don’t care though, they are so busy with the ‘anti-Russia project’ that they don’t care about anything else…’

The question is who will actually pay back all the billions worth of lend-lease loans that Ukraine has already received in the form of arms if Ukraine actually ceases to exist as a state. The same would apply to the gas that the United States is now supposed to supply under lend-lease conditions.

It cannot be ruled out that Ukraine will no longer exist as a state in two years because the eastern parts of Ukraine are now openly preparing for unification with Russia, while Poland is getting down to business and wants to swallow up the western parts of Ukraine .

The matter with the liquid gas from the USA still has a catch. There is no infrastructure to deliver this to Ukraine. Ukraine has no LNG terminals and there are not enough pipelines to pump American gas from European terminals to Ukraine.

But that’s not a problem, because Ukraine has experience with re-declaring Russian gas. In order to explain how the problem could be solved at the moment, I’ll tell you again how Ukraine solved the problem in the past.

Ukraine announced in 2015 that it would no longer buy Russian gas and would instead purchase gas from Europe. However, as is well known, Europe has no gas that it could supply to Ukraine. Instead, it was actually Russian gas, which Ukraine bought at a higher price at the time.

It worked like this: A European gas importer buys the Russian gas and the Ukrainian gas supplier Naftogaz buys it from the European importer, which of course inevitably makes the gas more expensive than if Ukraine bought it directly from Gazprom.

The gas itself did not reach Europe, it was already branched off in Ukraine from the transit pipeline into the Ukrainian gas network and re-declared on paper as ‘European’ gas since it was bought by a Europe-based company that billed Kyiv Has. This process of virtual rerouting of gas from Europe (where it never was) to Ukraine is called reverse gas.

In the course of the Biden leaks, I conducted an  interview with Alexander Onischenko in 2020, who was the right hand of Ukrainian President Poroshenko for some time after the Maidan. Since the interview was difficult to understand for those who did not know Ukraine, I explained the background in a multi-part series. You can find the first part of the series here .

Onischenko witnessed all of this and told me the details because in highly corrupt Ukraine that lapel was an important source of income. According to Onischenko, the Europe-based company charged up to $100 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas to re-declare the gas as European sourced.

So, it was a billion-dollar business from which, anyone can calculate this based on Ukrainian gas consumption, billions were earned every year. Incidentally, Onischenko’s statements were all confirmed at the end of December 2021.

For Ukraine and the gas company backers in Hungary, who earned $100 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas for a few stamps, it was bad news when  Hungary stopped getting its gas through Ukraine in October 2021, because that was it’s over with the lapel and the easy money for now. Later another solution was found, but now an even more lucrative idea has come up.

Servicemen carry coffins during funerals of Dmytro Kotenko, Vasyl Vyshyvany and Kyrylo Moroz, Ukrainian servicemen killed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, at Lychakiv cemetery in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on March 9, 2022. (Photo by Yuriy Dyachyshyn / AFP)

How does LNG get to Ukraine? Since there are no pipelines that can pump American liquefied gas from Europe to Ukraine, a solution similar to that of Revers has been found. And that’s not all that complicated. American gas is shipped to some European port, where it is offloaded and fed into the European gas grid. The gas then goes to Germany, for example.

Ukraine takes the same amount of gas from its transit pipeline and pays the American price for LNG to a front company that acts as an intermediary. This company also orders the Russian gas that is consumed in Ukraine and can virtually resell it at a hefty premium, because formally it supplies American LNG to the European market, which is much more expensive than the Russian gas that Ukraine uses pulled from the transit pipeline.

I hope I explained that clearly. Put simply, the trick is that Ukraine buys cheap Russian gas but is charged the same price as American LNG. And the difference is likely to be pocketed by an intermediary, as was the case with the previous Revers deal. 

However, this time we are not talking about ‘just’ a hundred dollars per 1,000 cubic meters of gas, but in all likelihood well over $1,000, because such is the difference between the price of Russian gas bought under long-term contracts and the prices, which are paid on stock exchanges in the EU.

I’m pretty sure that the same people who made money on Gasrevers earlier will make it again. You just have to keep your eyes open, because if the name of Amos Hochstein comes up somewhere in connection with the delivery of American LNG to Ukraine, the question is clear.

Incidentally, this is a great business for the Ukrainian government around President Zelensky, because they don’t have to pay anything for the gas at first, it’s delivered by Lend-Lease. ( US law shows: The West deliberately provoked the Russian military operation )

As with the Revers, those responsible in Ukraine also get a few million from the pie, while Hochstein controls the lion’s share. The debts for the unpaid gas will then have to be paid by future Ukrainian governments and, above all, by Ukrainian taxpayers.

And this is where the irony of Medvedev’s statement about the questionable future of Ukraine comes into play: Who will pay for the gas later if there will be no Ukraine in two years?


The question does not need to concern those who profit from the deal, however, because the costs for Lend-Lease are initially borne by the American taxpayer. If later there is no Ukraine left to pay the bill at some point, then the American taxpayer will be stuck with it. Our creative friends will definitely earn their money. Source



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