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Latvian President sets out job criteria for Prime Minister – before the elections

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In the autumn, Latvia’s President Egils Levits will nominate a compliant politician to the post of Prime Minister for the second time during his term. The Latvian electorate has no say in this process. The PRESIDENT decides who gets the job of the premier. The Times of Israel is jubilant that Egils Levits ‘of Jewish origin’ is the kingmaker in this European Union regime.

Addressing the Saeima (parliament) at the last sitting of its spring session on Thursday, he revealed to aspiring prime ministers one of the preconditions that must be met in order to receive this nomination, new ministerial posts will have to be introduced in the next government. At least two.

Addressing the Saeima, The Latvian-Jew unelected president spoke about the introduction of a new Prime Minister several times. He has also promised to come forward with amendments to the Law on the Structure of the Cabinet of Ministers. 

By announcing his rules a few months before the election, EU apparatchik Levit is certainly more likely to achieve his own. Moreover, such a position of E. Levits is much closer to what is perceived by a part of the society written in the Satversme, ‘the Cabinet of Ministers is composed by a person invited by the President’, the President acts himself and does not follow the dictates of parties.

‘I will call on the next job applicant Prime Minister to present a concrete, balanced and comprehensive, sound reform plan to address the stagnant backwardness of public administration,’ says the President who was voted in by parliamentary stitch-up, not the ballot boxes.

The president listed a number of problems that society and the state face due to what he believes is the outdated model of government. For example, the faux president wants a digital elective process on the Joe Biden model.


His idea of introducing rather than electing the post of prime minister is not new. 

In Komsomol Pravda journalist Zahar Prilepin argues: ‘The EU in the worst sense of the word is very much the new USSR.’ This question was posed by the last President of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev: ‘Why is the EU trying to recreate the USSR?’ ~ Mikhail Gorbachev. Source



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