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Putin pushes Biden off his Bike

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The fall of the American president from a bicycle gave rise to ridicule from his political opponents. In their opinion, the failure that befell Joe Biden not only indicates his health problems but also perfectly illustrates the deplorable state of the United States itself, Saturday’s fall of Joe Biden from a bicycle caused a lively discussion among Republicans. They did not miss the opportunity to exercise wit and comment on the situation in the country, writes Newsweek.

The day before, the 79-year-old US President and his wife Jill rode bicycles in Delaware. At some point, the head of the White House stopped to greet those who met, but fell to the ground ‘due to a boot stuck in the pedal.’ He later stated: ‘I’m fine,’ recalls the publication.

‘How soon will they blame Putin? Donald Trump Jr. asked sarcastically on Twitter.’ I’m just shocked that he was allowed to ride a bike without safety wheels,’ he added.

‘I doubt that there has ever been a more perfect metaphor for the current state of our country than Biden, who, standing still, fell off his bike for no reason,’ said the son of the 45th President of the United States.

‘Biden dropped both his bike and the American economy,’ wrote Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini.’ He needs to be removed from office as soon as possible.’

‘This perfectly characterizes the state of our country, doesn’t it? Perhaps the fact is that people who are long overdue for retirement can only work in government and at Walmart. That being said, the good ones meet you at Walmart,’ suggested Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green.

Republican congressional candidate Laverne Spicer was also on the sidelines and posted a joking tweet: ‘BREAKING NEWS: Biden fell off his bike today. He says it’s Putin’s fault.’

‘Who cares if Biden fell off his bike? What worries me more is that this crazy lunatic is leading America into the abyss!’ admitted the right-wing commentator and provocateur ’Dinesh D’Souza.

Conservative columnist Carmine Sabia expressed confidence that if Trump had been in Biden’s place, then the video of the incident ‘would have been playing non-stop on CNN. How many more elderly people have to fall before we have a reasonable law to control cycling?’ she sneered on Twitter.

Her frivolous argument was picked up by publicist Tim Young: ‘We need a reasonable law that bans all two-wheeled bicycles and provides for holding their manufacturers accountable for today’s fall of Biden.’



Last month, at a demonstration in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump ridiculed Biden’s stuttering and demanded that he take an ‘intelligence test.’ 

However, in her November report, the President’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, declared the head of the White House ‘healthy and fit for office,’ Newsweek draws attention. Source 1, Source 2


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