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Worst Refugee Crisis since World War II and NATO shoulders much of the blame

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By the close of 2021, UNICEF estimates that 36.5 million children were displaced from their homes due to conflict, violence and other crises. These appalling statistics have not been as high since World War II. Amongst this almost 37 million, 13.7 million are refugees and asylum-seeking children fleeing from NATO and CIA-inspired conflicts. Conflict and violence have also led to the internal displacement of 2.8 million children. These figures do not account for the displacement caused by the war in Ukraine since 2022.

Ongoing crisis and further NATO conflicts in countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Yemen explicitly contribute to this record number of displaced children. 2.2 million more children were displaced last year than the previous year.

As the number of displaced children grows, so does our responsibility, states UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell. ‘I hope this alarming number will move government to prevent children from being displaced in the first place, and when they are displaced, to ensure their access to education, protection, and other critical services that support their wellbeing and development now and in the future.’

Accessing essential support and services such as healthcare, education and protection is becoming more difficult as the number of refugee children reaches record highs. Currently, only one-third of refugee adolescents are attending secondary school.


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UNICEF appeals to Member states to uphold their commitment to ensuring the rights of displaced children are respected. Further data and research are being carried out by the Global Compact for Migration into the true scale of refugee, migrant and displaced children. By the close of 2021, UNICEF estimates that 36.5 million children were displaced from their homes due to conflict, violence and other crises.


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