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The West isolates Russia whilst the World isolates the West


The media’s combine harvester of lies has little trouble in reaping a yield of dupes despite the Western Press constantly being exposed as being responsible for all western wars of regime change and control.

This is by no means a modern phenomenon: ‘History will judge the Press generally to have been the principal cause of war… of all Germans; believe it or not, Hitler is the most moderate.’ – Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, 16, August 1939.

‘I would feel confident if it were not for the British Press, or at any rate that section of it which is inspired by an intelligentsia which hates Hitler and the National Socialists so much that they see red whatsoever the facts are…….- Neville Henderson, British Ambassador to Berlin.

We have heard it all before from the Western Mainstream media: ‘Scarcely a day passes without the Press slinging mud at Germany. The British Press is almost unanimous in agreeing that our erstwhile enemies are out for revenge, that the members of the ‘Nazi’ government are thugs, thieves, liars, and even murderers; that nothing good can come out of the German government; that it would be better to march into that country now and crush the ‘Nazis’ rather than wait until they have re-armed.  Every item of news is falsified and exaggerated to meet the exigencies of a lying campaign.’ – G. E. O Knight, In Defence of Germany. QUOTES sourced from Witness to History, Michael Walsh removed by Amazon.

Removing the prism of propaganda, the world today is far different from that mirrored by poison pen Western journalists. If you remove the Western War Alliance from the overall picture the world has never before gotten on so well as it has today.

Sure, leaving aside Europe’s self-inflicted problems – and there are far worse to come, many regions have their problems. But they are problems that can quickly be removed by doing as 9 of the world’s 10 most populous countries and engaging in peaceful co-existence and fair trade.

Today, Russia is hyped by media as ‘pursuing a course of larceny, murder, rapine and barbarism.’ The British Army’s new Chief-of-Staff Patrick Sanders says the British Army must prepare for a war on European soil with the declared aim of being part of ‘The Allies MK. II’ war to defeat Russia. Pretty cool rhetoric from the head of an army that humiliatingly removed itself from its own tiny Ulster territory by IRA insurrectionists with handguns.

The European portion of Russia (west of the Ural Mountain range) contains about 110 million people out of Russia’s total population of about 144 million. This makes the Russian Federation by far the world’s largest European country. Ludicrously, Britain’s Minister of Defence says he will knock Russia back to the 19th Century.

Russia – then Imperial Russia – was the only country in world history whose domestic territory covered three continents: Europe, Asia and the Americas (Alaska).

Russian is included in the list of global languages, which means that its language is widely spoken around the world. Around 267 million people speak Russian, and it is especially popular in 17 countries besides Russia. Russia shares borders with 14 other countries, which is more than any other country. Russia gets on fine with its non-US-aligned neighbours the only exception being those aligned to NATO in the West.



In fact, Russia’s neighbours and Russian-friendly countries from independent Hungary to Turkey, Syria and Egypt and right through the super-prosperous nations of fossil fuel-rich Asia like Kazakhstan and many other oil-rich nations. Check out and compare Nur-Sultan with San Francisco and Detroit. Compare Grozny (Chechnya) with Los Angeles or London or Tehran (Iran).

India, China and Brazil, the latter like half of Africa ducking for cover under the Russia-Chinese umbrella. Russia and China are forging fast-growing trade links with the world’s biggest, most promising and forward-looking prosperous nations. As former Italian right-wing President Silvio Berlusconi smiled: ‘The West has isolated Russia but the world has isolated the West.


Mike Walsh, author of Witness of History, All Lies Invasion I (Paperback / Ebook), All Lies Invasion II (Paperback / Ebook), Reich and Wrong, Heroes Hang When Traitors Triumph, Heroes of the Reich, Megacaust, Odyssey Adolf Hitler, Trotsky’s White Negroes, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Arno Breker and Reich Sculptors Volume I, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Josef Thorak and Reich Sculptors Volume II, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Porcelain and Reich Sculptors Volume III, Art of Adolf Hitler, The Red Brigands, Ransacking the Reich, The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler, RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL (Paperback / Ebook), Death of a City, and many other books. CLICK the book titles that interest you to gain access.


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