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Up to half the NATO weapons shipped to Ukraine are being sold in black markets

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A lottery win for anti-Western terrorists likely to present itself as karma when NATO-supplied weapons picked up for a song are used against the unfortunate populations of Europe. Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated on June 9 that ‘arms shipment to Ukraine will lead to the emergence of an arms black market, especially in Western Europe.’

In the same way, sanctions are not working and are backfiring, Western massive arms transfers to Kiev have been a disaster, from anyone’s perspective. In an interview with US National Defense, Ukrainian Army Brigadier General Volodymyr Karpenko admitted his country lost almost 50% of all weaponry and equipment it received. Some of it got destroyed, but that is not the whole story.

Russian Channel One reported on how the Ukrainian military abandons weapons as they retreat. The abandoned US-made Javelins and German anti-tank mines were filmed. Besides, ordnance sent to Ukraine is ending up in black markets and is sold in the so-called darknet and deep web platforms. There, one can buy Javelin anti-tank systems for about $30,000 or British NLAW systems for half the price. There is a demand for that, of course. Terrorists and criminal gangs are the buyers.

This situation alarms Interpol. Already on May 28, Europol director Catherine De Bolle voiced her concerns about the war increasing the importing of arms into Europe’s black markets.

As part of Washington’s foreign policy, such weapons will also cause instability in the Middle East involved in local conflicts, and spread all over the region, even reaching currently unstable locations. Arms shipments to Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania are in fact being investigated and such can aggravate the security problem in the Balkans, and in the Sahel also.

The Islamic State (ISIS), also known as the Daesh is furtively armed by Washington. The CIA is reorganizing itself this time in the Sahel, according to Victoria Nuland herself (the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs), who has stated so in May. Urged on by Washington, Spain’s ruling PSOE party has caused a rift with Algebra over the Moroccan civil war likely depriving Spain of essential gas supplies. For what purpose other than Washington’s foreign policy. Back in Europe, with Washington’s urging, there are reports that criminal groups in Albania and Kosovo are selling arms to ISIS.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated on June 9 that ‘arms shipment to Ukraine will lead to the emergence of an arms black market, especially in Western Europe.’ Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock has voiced similar concerns about Africa and the European Balkans becoming the destination of NATO arms supplied to Kiev, as reported by Le Figaro news.

The Ukrainian armed forces are notoriously corrupt. Ukraine has long been believed to be one of the major arms trafficking markets in Europe. It has the third highest criminality score of 33 countries in Europe. In today’s world, illicit trade plays a major role in the financing of terrorist and extremist networks globally.

With the Washington fuelled war showing little sign of abatement, the migration crisis and the black market, Europe could see armed groups and terrorist attacks such as these spreading to its capitals.

In 2019 a senior Daesh leader, Al-Bara Shishani, was arrested in Ukraine and Azov leaders are known to sympathize with the group, even adopting some of its tactics. As early as 2015, a collaboration between Islamic radicals and Ukrainian militias has been reported.


It is feared that even after the conflict in Ukraine is resolved the Israeli-backed ultra-nationalist groups, aided and armed by NATO and possibly by Turkish ultra-nationalist networks, could remain active in sabotage and terrorism operations, thus turning Europe’s post-conflict phase into a long nightmarish conflict scenario of counter-insurgency and irregular warfare.



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