The remains of the soldiers of the army of Napoleon fertilized the fields of Britain

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Burial sites on the Waterloo battlefield have not yet been identified. Tony Pollard, director of the Scottish Centre for War and Conflict Archaeology at the University of Glasgow, UK, has researched private letters, memoirs, and sketches of people who visited the Belgian village of Waterloo shortly after the battle. The results are presented in a paper published in the  Journal of Conflict Archeology 

According to them, the archaeologist compiled a map on which he noted several points of mass graves. However, archaeological research conducted by the Waterloo Uncovered organization has not yet identified such sites.

‘At least three newspaper articles dating back to the 1820s mention the importation of human bones from European battlefields to make fertilizer. The remains were ground into bone meal, an effective form of fertilizer. One of the main markets for this raw material was the British Isles,’ Pollard said in the paper.


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It is well known that after the end of the battles, Waterloo became the most visited tourist destination. The village and its environs attracted marauders, onlookers and suppliers of human bones. Many tried to take a ‘souvenir’ for themselves, so it is likely that the large excavations did not bother anyone.


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