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The Intruder in the Radio Studio

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Surprise! Surprise! The Michael Walsh and Andrew Carrington-Hitchcock radio show got off to a normal engaging start with the interviewee being the internationally famous American broadcaster, Deanna Spingola. For veteran broadcaster Mike Walsh the show was a magnet as Deanna’s radio show was one of his first non-mainstream media events.

Previously, Michael Walsh the veteran activist for White Rights had appeared regularly on BBC and ITV (International Television) radio and television shows.

Deanna being the star guest of Andrew Carrington-Hitchcock held the podium for a full thirty minutes and then another mike appeared in front of the veteran been there done it all lady of the American airwaves. If you haven’t guessed who the intruder was – or you know and want to get in and catch up anyway, tune in to the Michael Walsh and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show whilst you drive, work or relax. 

ACH (1833) Deanna Spingola And Michael Walsh – Re-Unions

In today’s show originally broadcast on June 30 2022, Andy is joined by Deanna Spingola and Michael Walsh (at the 31 minute mark) for a show entitled, “Re-Unions.”

We discussed: Henry Kissinger’s secret trip to China in 1971; how Bill Gates got to where he is today; the Georgia Guidestones; how America’s outsourcing of its production to China has effectively de-industrialized America; the by-products of fracking; the origins of the Coronavirus; how Ukraine has made it illegal for men aged 18-60 from leaving the country; the dangers of 5G and certain electromagnetic frequencies; and many other topics. Source

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