Month: July 2022

They were shooting at us, but we didn’t even see the Russians complains a soldier of fortune

Two more US citizens who fought against Russian troops on the side of Ukraine died in the Donbass, ABC News reports. As another former American soldier who served with the cadavers told the channel, ‘Due to the huge advantage of the Russians in the firepower of artillery, volunteers almost never have the opportunity to join the battle, they often die under shelling without seeing a single Russian.’

Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone falls for classic mainstream media sting

The outspoken Bernie Ecclestone (91) has seen more television studios than many TV anchors. For this reason alone, the sports mogul, who for four decades owned the Formula 1 racing empire, should have realised he was walking straight into a media ambush. Was the show’s star guest a patsy or maybe he just didn’t care and he likes the flak that even ‘bad’ publicity brings?