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World Champion’s boxing bout to be ignored by his nation’s media


Because a champion boxer’s views on NATO in Europe are unclear, the Latvian regime and its mainstream media decided that the world event boxing bout taking place on July 2 on Australia’s Gold Coast – watched by fans around the world – will be removed from Latvian television media. The position of conventional media is likely to be similar.

No Latvian TV viewers will be able to watch the fight of the epic Myris Briedis bout, which will take place at the end of this week in Australia. All Latvian TV channels refused to broadcast the classic fight. The reason is not declared but the consensus of opinion is that the iconic Latvian sportsman has not made it sufficiently clear that he sides with NATO in its proxy war against Russia.

Myris Briedis is Latvia’s most titled boxer, the pride of the country, an idol and a role model for tens of thousands of young people around the world. His patriotism and loyalty to his country over the years are proven by hard work, brilliant victories in the ring when he proudly raises the Latvian flag above his head, and in his interviews where he lovingly talks about his homeland.

‘But for the ruling majority in the Seimas (parliament) today creates such a regime in the country, in which all, without exception, people of the interest of the public, sang in an anti-Russian choir only what was approved by the ‘general line’ of the coalition.’

As in North Korea, the slightest deviation means a person is labelled a ‘traitor’, and television and the press turn away from him, which only yesterday applauded their hero.

What can be understood with television providers is a violation of censorship introduced and sponsored by the governing regime is fraught with serious problems, including revocation of the license and termination of funding.

Andris Morozovs writes; ‘Hang in there, Myris! The people (of Latvia) are fully behind you.’

The pundit goes on to ask the question: ‘I wonder if anyone can imagine a situation in which Ukrainian TV channels would refuse to broadcast Klitschko’s fights, because he was not clear enough, for example, about the deployment of NATO contingent in Latvia? Andris Morozovs. Source , Source 2

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