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Do as the French do and protest Brit drivers told

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In the United Kingdom, traffic recently stalled on several busy motorways due to a fuel price protest organized by motorists. They deliberately slowed down and even played football on the roadway to attract the attention of the Westminster regime and force it to solve the problem of rising fuel prices, according to The Times.

In various parts of the UK, there were protests against the sharp increase in fuel prices, which led to the blocking of several motorways. Police warned of ‘major disruptions’ as demonstrators decided to block traffic and move slower than the speed limit, writes The Times.

Among other things, the protesters stalled the M4 highway. Some of them left their cars ‘to play football on the road’. Congestion was also observed in Yorkshire, Shropshire and Essex, where motorists deliberately slowed down, the newspaper notes.

According to The Times, the action was actively advertised on social networks. Its organizers criticized compatriots for ‘typical British’ behaviour ‘an awful lot of indignation and not enough action .’ They urged motorists to follow the example of the French and block traffic throughout the country ‘until change comes.’

Police detained eight protesters near the Second Severn Bridge, which connects Wales and England. The demonstrators were accused of violating the speed limit, and interfering with traffic, the publication explains.

One of those arrested, 44-year-old welder Richard Dayte, lamented that recently his fuel costs have almost tripled from 125 to £ 300.’ I am an ordinary worker. Something must happen. We are constantly told about Great Britain.* But what is so great about it?’ he wondered.

 ‘I am participating to stop the government from stripping us to the bone and saying that we want to be able to work without being punished,’ said another protester, Vicki Stamper. According to the woman, she lost her job as a truck driver and now she cannot pay the accumulated bills.


FairFuelUK founder Howard Cox has urged Boris Johnson’s government to cut fuel duties by at least 20p to fight record price increases. His organization did not take part in the protest, but expressed ‘full support’ for it, as ‘by now people have reached the point’, concludes The Times. 

  • The term Great Britain alludes to the ancient island’s distinction between the smaller French territory of Breton and the comparatively large British Isles.



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