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There is no proof that this 10-year-old rape victim exists and yet the media ran with it full tilt


Western media has been headline-bellowing that a ten-year-old girl rape victim was forced to have to travel out of the state to Indiana to seek to terminate the pregnancy and maybe save her life. Ten years old. Ten years old. Raped?

‘Six weeks pregnant. Already traumatized. Was forced to travel to another state. Imagine being that little girl. Just imagine being that little girl. A ten-year-old girl should be forced to give birth to a rapist’s child?’

That is how the story is rolled out to gullible Western audiences. As former US President Richard Nixon grinned: ‘The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on the television.’

#1. A pregnant 10-year-old is evidence of a monstrous crime against a child but in every article (and there are SO MANY) there is no mention of criminal investigation, no police involvement, not even a town where this allegedly occurred.

#2 An unnamed alleged ‘child abuse’ doctor called Dr Caitlyn Bernard (an abortionist in Indiana) to ask for help. But any doctor who knows of abuse would be required to also call law enforcement. There should be a criminal investigation involving Ohio DFS and police.

#3 which maybe should be #1 The timing of this horrific story is too on the nose. Roe v. Wade was just overturned. The media is desperate for stories to push the pro-abortion narrative, and stoke fear, anger, and division. They are lapping this story up as are their love-puppies watching TV and reading corporate-owned news media.

#4 The article was first published in the Indy Star, a local Ohio paper’s site but in record time was picked up by the huge international press. On the 2nd, The Hill and Newsweek had it and by the 3rd, The Guardian had it, and by the 4th it was on TMZ, reaching all the kids.

#5 It was immediately used as a political weapon against Republican Governor Kristi Noem and will be used against other pro-life politicians to make them answer this possibly hypothetical or made-up scenario to win political hit points.

#6 #DrCaitlynBernard, the only source, is an abortionist and has been in the NYT participating in an anti-Trump hit piece and is clearly an activist. She has a stake in preserving abortion, it literally pays her bills.

#7 There’s no way to verify Bernard’s claim. She has doctor-patient confidentiality. No one can FOIA her. The media won’t ask any questions and even if they did, she wouldn’t answer. There is no proof that this 10-year-old even exists and yet the media ran with it full tilt.

#8 Jennifer Rubin used this media myth to batter conservatives, her former colleagues, in the Washington Post. This further gives me serious doubts about the reliability of the story. Rubin is a notorious tool for the left using this story to harm pro-lifers

#9 Why don’t any of them care about the crime committed against the child? Lawmakers in OH should demand an investigation into who raped this child. They are the only ones who can get information through DFS and help the girl seek justice for the crime, if it happened. Did it?

#10, #DrCaitlynBernard got a call from another doctor asking for help for a horribly abused child and her first instinct was to call the media. That should make you all stop and think for a minute. What’s really going on here? Megan details Dr Caitlyn Bernard’s history of being a pro-abort activist and her current role in fighting Indiana’s attempts to limit abortion.


What makes the story more interesting is the lack of interest by any outlet, including the Indianapolis Star, in doing a follow-up on the girl or the status of the police investigation of her rape. Even, which has never met a left-wing slander of Republicans or conservatives that it will not validate as accurate, admits defeat.

The more discerning public is wondering whether this story is fact or fantasy. To find out, we reached out to Dr Caitlin Bernard, an obstetrician-gynaecologist based in Indianapolis who spoke to The Columbus Dispatch, about the headline-generating story. As of this writing, Bernard had not returned our request for an interview, and we had not been able to independently corroborate the abortion claim. Source



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  1. Look out for a lot more of these BS stories….Congresshole “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” (looks like the Sea Hag) fapricated during an abortion press conference announcement the other day that “she was raped when she was 22 or 23” to appeal to the radical bolshevik lesbians looking to riot over this fake “look over here” issue. Did she ever file a police rape report? OF COURSE NOT!!!

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