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MICHAEL WALSH RADIO SHOW hosted by internationally renowned presenter Pastor Andrew-Carrington Hitchcock is a winning formula for information expunged from the airwaves of government-approved conventional radio and television networks.

Michael Walsh, the veteran White Rights activist (1968 and still fighting) holds the vital news desk’s microphone for almost an hour. During his show, the founder of the re-birth of the British Movement, author, journalist and broadcaster offer an engaging and often mocking makeover of Wikipedia that even mainstream journalists avoid.

In his broadcast, the notorious encyclopaedia of schoolboy howlers gets a roasting before Michael Walsh himself gives his global listening audience an insight into what they can expect by browsing EUROPE RENAISSANCE, arguably the world’s most successful news platform with its collection of amazing ‘I never knew that’ scoops and stories.  

ACH (1846) Michael Walsh – Mike’s Wikipedia Page

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 13 2022, Andy is joined by Michael Walsh for a show entitled, “Mike’s Wikipedia Page.”

We discussed: the Spotlight Conference that Mike spoke at along with Dr. Fredrick Toben, over 20 years ago in Washington D.C.; how Wikipedia couldn’t even get Mike’s year of birth or place of birth right; the military background of Mike’s Father, Paddy McLaughlin; Mike’s Mother’s time as a Nun, before she met Mike’s Father; why we now know that Colin Jordan was working for the KGB; why Mike chose to work as a dairyman; Mike’s career in the British Merchant Navy; how Mike has written over 1,500 poems and has been penning award-winning internationally acclaimed poetry for over 50 years; why Britain has turned out far worse than Mike’s worst nightmares; the problems with news fatigue; a tour around Mike’s websites; and many other topics. Source

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