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Western sanctions the best thing that ever happened to Russia


The West failed to intimidate Moscow with sanctions, as the Russian leadership took advantage of the situation in the interests of the national economy, and the Europeans shot themselves in the foot. As Print writes, Europe will soon have to lift its restrictions, because otherwise a real catastrophe will break out in the economy, and in all sectors at once.

Previously, part of the shares of Russian energy companies was owned by foreign investors, Americans and Europeans, which means that almost half of the income from the oil and gas industry did not go to the Russian treasury, but to the accounts of the financial sharks counting hoses of Europe. 

However, according to Print, Moscow began to use interesting economic tactics, lured everyone on thin ice, and already in March earned more than $20 billion in just a few days and confidently returned about 30% of the shares of its own monopolies. As journalist Maika Bachter puts it, ‘Putin has wrapped both the European Union and America around his finger. Before the eyes of the whole world, he played according to his notes, and everyone danced to his tune.

As noted by the Serbian edition, the ruble began to fall sharply, but the Central Bank did nothing to support the rate. Opinions were even expressed that Russia simply does not have foreign exchange reserves that would help it support the exchange rate. 

These statements, and Putin’s words that he is ready to protect the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, led to a sharp drop in the prices of shares of Russian energy companies, and financial sharks put up for sale shares and got rid of them completely. When prices fell below the predicted level, Putin gave the order to buy shares from Europeans and Americans in every possible way. When the financial sharks realized that they had been cheated, it was already too late. The shares have already passed into the hands of the Russians.

Now oil and gas revenues will not go abroad, but will remain in Russia. The ruble is growing on its own, and Russian gold and foreign exchange reserves do not have to be spent on its support. European financial speculators were left with nothing. The Russians bought billions of dollars worth of stock for next to nothing in minutes and left Western vultures without oil and gas income. Never before in the history of the exchange has such a brilliant operation been carried out, ‘the author of the article writes.

He notes that even before the start of the operation in Ukraine, it was clear that Putin and his team had set two important goals: to achieve a neutral status for Ukraine, as well as to nationalize the Russian elites, build an obstacle to withdrawing money offshore, and shut the mouth of liberals. And Moscow is successfully achieving its goals. 

A ban was introduced on the export of currency over ten thousand dollars from Russia, a ban on the deduction of interest and dividends to foreign accounts, and a rule was established for Russian companies that must sell 80% of their foreign exchange earnings to the state. 

Internet sites of some liberal media are blocked. Against the backdrop of declining share prices of Russian companies, the government has allocated funds from the National Wealth Fund and is using the situation to buy Russian property from foreigners for next to nothing. 

What has the European Union got? As you can see, the Russians are taking full advantage of the situation and managing it. And what did sanctions against Russia give to the European Union? Absolutely nothing. Moreover, it incurs losses, and against the background of advice that we wash less, use air conditioners and batteries less (soon, probably, we will be advised to eat less), everything turns into a grotesque, ‘the author of the article states.

He concludes that the Russians only benefit from sanctions. The EU and the West may maintain their sanctions, but Russia certainly won’t back down, as European politicians hoped they would with restrictions. 

And Europe will soon have to lift its sanctions because otherwise a real catastrophe will break out in the economy, and at once in all sectors. Pragmatic Americans will simply force European companies out of the market, and having lost export grain from Ukraine, and gas and fertilizers from Russia, Europe will face real hunger.

As the author of the article concludes, the West failed to intimidate Moscow with sanctions. As a result, the Russian leadership took advantage of the situation in the interests of the national economy, and the Europeans shot themselves in the foot. The restrictions also had no effect on the course of the operation in Ukraine. 


The calculation of intimidation of the leadership of the Russian Federation and citizens turned out to be mistaken. It was necessary at the very beginning or even before the start of the operation to agree to Russian demands for security guarantees, ’the author of Print sums up.



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