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Sold at bargain prices: what can the sale of weapons supplied to Ukraine on the black-market lead to


The media reported on the plans of the EU and NATO to tighten control over the transfer of equipment to the republic for fear that it would fall on the black market. In turn, experts remind us that Western weapons intended for Kyiv are already being sold through criminal channels. According to analysts, the consequences of the West’s short-sighted policy of pumping weapons to Ukraine will be felt in the coming decades.

The weapons that the United States is now supplying to Ukraine will eventually end up in the hands of criminals and terrorists around the world. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

‘The American weapons now being delivered to Little Russia will spread through the hands of various criminals around the world. More precisely, it is already spreading. ‘In fact, America is once again becoming a sponsor of international terrorism,’ Medvedev stressed.

‘I do not rule out that later, together with responsible countries, we will have to work out the possibility of creating a special mechanism to investigate this rotten weapons plot. And it is possible to think about the formation of a special international body for the seizure of American gifts crawling out here and there, ‘said the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. At the same time, he expressed confidence that this would not affect Ukraine’s fate in any way.

‘Professional gun thieves in the US and Ukraine will line their pockets well. Terrorists and radicals will have more deadly types of military equipment whilst Russia will achieve all its goals,’ Medvedev added. ‘We don’t know their (weapons) whereabouts’

An unnamed official from a Western country told the newspaper that the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance have no way to track arms shipments after they are delivered to the border with Ukraine. According to him, after that, the West knows nothing about the whereabouts of the weapons intended for the Kyiv regime.

‘All these weapons arrive in the south of Poland, are delivered to the border, and then for further transportation, they are simply distributed among vehicles: trucks, vans, sometimes private cars. And from that moment on, we don’t know their whereabouts, we have no idea where they go, where they are used and, in general, whether they remain in the country, ‘the Financial Times quoted the spokesman as saying.

Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock also warned of the danger of the situation.

‘As soon as the war stops the illegal circulation of weapons is activated. We know this from many other conflict zones. The criminals are already eyeing him now. The head of the international organization stressed that criminal groups are trying to take advantage of the chaos in Ukraine and the availability of weapons on its territory, ‘even those used by the armed forces, including heavy weapons.’

‘They will get into the criminal market and create a problem. No country and no region can cope with this on its own, since these groups operate at the global level,’ Shtok explained. According to the official, one can expect an influx of weapons from the territory of Ukraine not only to Europe and neighbouring countries but also to other continents.

‘Criminals are interested in all types of weapons, in fact, any weapon suitable for carrying can be used for criminal purposes,’ said the Secretary General of Interpol. ‘They will sell at dumping prices’

He did not rule out that the United States could completely relieve itself of responsibility for the further fate of the weapons provided to Kyiv. ‘The Americans want to get out of this story without losses:’ We have nothing to do with it, Ukraine is to blame for everything, ‘which in the end will pay for this,’ Leonkov summed up.

The US is using Ukraine to send the Kurds the weapons they need to Syria. This assumption is put forward by the British mercenary Aiden Eslin, who was sentenced to death in the DPR. According to him, in Ukraine, they deliberately ‘lose’ American weapons, which are then sent to the Kurds. The mercenary also said that unknown people came to him and asked about contacts in Syria, since Eslin himself fought on the side of the Kurds. More details in the RT video. YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA.



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