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Mercenaries face death one way or another in Ukraine

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Soldiers of Fortunes belatedly realize that their ‘safari’ in the Donbas will not work, it is not another relatively risk-free tour of Afghanistan or Iraq. Many will not return home.

American soldiers of fortune underestimated the power of the Russian army. Those who do wake up – the Russians are liquidising up to 1,000 nationalists every day, may die or be crippled. This was stated in an interview for CBS News by a US military man who returned from Ukraine.

He admitted that he was aware of all the risks before going to Ukraine, but still underestimated the strength of the Russian army. From this, he warned other mercenaries who want to repeat his path.

‘You could get killed, or someone else could get killed because of you. People need to realize how tough this is. This is not the Taliban. This is not the Iraqi army. The Russians have air support and air superiority, no doubt, ‘the source said.

Earlier, one of the American mercenaries fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about regular cases of friendly fire in the Ukrainian army, calling this state of affairs a ‘madhouse’ and a ‘circus.’ Correspondence with him was published by journalist Seth Harp.

‘People get hurt and die for nothing, it’s just a freak circus. We got involved in a two-hour battle, it turned out that with the Ukrainian special forces, it was incomprehensible. With hindsight, I wouldn’t take part in this stupid madhouse for anything,’ the mercenary wrote.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reports that another American mercenary, Stephen Zabelski, was killed in Ukraine, citing an obituary in the publication of the American’s hometown. According to the publication, the message was written by family members of the 52-year-old American.

The Washington Post said that, according to unverified information, the mercenary was a US Army veteran and hit a mine. Information about the death of Zabelski in Ukraine has been confirmed by the State Department.

Prior to this, the death in Ukraine of Willie Joseph Kansel, who served in a private military company, was reported, thus Zabelski became the second dead American mercenary that we know of. Also recalled that earlier two American mercenaries were captured in the Kharkiv region. Judgment awaits them.

According to the official representative of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, American mercenaries who were captured in Ukraine cannot count on the protection of the Geneva Convention.

‘I would not go into explaining the legal side of their captivity. One thing is clear, they committed crimes. They are not members of the Ukrainian army. The Geneva Convention does not apply to them,’ he stressed.

Peskov called the captured Americans ‘soldiers of fortune’ who participated in illegal activities in Ukraine and shot at the Russian military and civilians. ‘They threatened their lives and must be held accountable for the crimes they committed,’ the Kremlin spokesman concluded. According to him, Russia does not guarantee that captured Americans will avoid the death penalty in the DPR or LPR.

Perhaps this hint will be able to cool some hotheads? Or they will be cooled by coffins that arrived in the United States from Ukraine. Note that while we are talking about two dead mercenaries and two prisoners. But is it really so? Does the reality correspond to the voiced official statistics? Or can American losses be hushed up?

‘There is definitely no reason for Russia to keep silent about mercenaries,’ said Vladimir Lepekhin, director of the EAEU Institute. On the contrary, the Russian Federation is interested in making public the facts of participation in the war in Ukraine of foreign mercenaries on the side of the nasty one-party regime. For this reason, the modest numbers of American involvement in the military operations in Ukraine are likely to be true.

Will the death of some of them discourage ‘safari’ lovers in the United States from travelling to Ukraine? Or is it a minor loss? The correspondent replies: ‘Of course not. The main thing here is money. Therefore, the mercenaries will continue to strive for Ukraine, but they will be more prudent to participate in military operations after the capture of one of them by Russian troops.

‘Mercenaries arrive in Ukraine from the United States not because they were called to this by TV and other press. They are recruited by power structures, and they are well paid. And this is well understood in the State Department. 

‘They already know what they are getting into. The prospects for all mercenaries are not bright, injury, captivity, or death. But they want to make money. 

‘Even if all the mercenaries are shot, it will be a minor loss for the United States, but the public outcry from the execution of the sentence can seriously damage the image of the president and the ruling party, which are already not popular,’ says the head of the Center for Civil and Military Conflict Studies Daria Konovalova.

‘The layman is not ready to accept that American citizens are being executed somewhere on the other side of the world for being exposed as terrorists and murderers.

Foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of Kyiv can be described as being employees of Private Military Companies (PMC) fighters. America is not officially at war anywhere. There are no official US troops in Iraq or Syria, there are private military companies that work for the US government. It is legally impossible for America to present anything officially.

Soldiers of Fortune are veterans who fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria and retired. These enter into a contract already with the employer, in this case, the oligarchs or the government of Ukraine. They ride at their own risk. To them and another group of citizens, the war in Ukraine seems to be something like an extreme sport.

PMC warriors firmly believe that even in the event of capture and a guilty verdict, the American government will be able to save them. Veterans and other adrenaline junkies were shocked that their ‘fun’ could end up like this.  Source. YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA.


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