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They were shooting at us, but we didn’t even see the Russians complains a soldier of fortune

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Two more US citizens who fought against Russian troops on the side of Ukraine died in the Donbass, ABC News reports. As another former American soldier who served with the cadavers told the channel, ‘Due to the huge advantage of the Russians in the firepower of artillery, volunteers almost never have the opportunity to join the battle, they often die under shelling without seeing a single Russian.’

Such news appeared just a few hours after the conclusion of an agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain, which became a ’beacon of hope’ in this conflict. Meanwhile, we are receiving information that Odessa was struck.

PATRICK REVELL, ABC News Correspondent: Good morning, Janey! Yes, indeed, just a couple of hours ago, a missile attack was launched on Odessa, it was clear that smoke was rising into the sky not far from here.  

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian troops do continue to suffer extremely heavy losses, and now we have learned that two more Americans were among the dead. At night, information was confirmed that two Americans were killed in Ukraine in the Donbass region. 

Luc Lucishyn and another unnamed U.S. citizen were killed this week in the fighting in the east, where they, as part of a Ukrainian unit, tried to contain the Russian offensive. Another former U.S. soldier who volunteered for Ukraine with the dead said they faced overwhelming Russian fire. 

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE: ‘The village we were in is essentially surrounded by Russians on three sides. Artillery worked there, count, around the clock, and they fired at us, but we didn’t even see them.’ 

According to the volunteer, thanks to its huge advantage in terms of artillery, Russia will eventually take the Donbass. 

‘We had practically no opportunity to fight. The thing is that you have to leave the positions, because the Russians and see not the fact that it will be possible, by the time they come, most likely, you will already be dead. 

And the U.S. is once again ramping up support: President Biden signed an executive order to provide an additional $270 million military aid package, which included four HIMARS installations, as well as Phoenix Ghost drones. 

Meanwhile, far from the battlefield, a major diplomatic success has been achieved: Russia and Ukraine have signed an agreement on which the world’s food stocks depend. Thanks to this deal, brokered by the UN and Turkey, the blockade on the export of Russian grain and fertilizer was lifted, due to which more than 20 million tons of grain were also stuck in Ukraine. The US and EU were not involved in the brokered deal except as silent observers.

Ships loaded with the grain will now be able to leave three Ukrainian ports and Russian ports too. The blockade has previously triggered a sharp rise in the price of food around the world and warned that it could cause famine in some countries. 

But this morning, Russia made it clear that this deal is not tantamount to a ceasefire by firing a missile at the port of Odessa. A Ukrainian navy ship was incinerated as was a port warehouse where NATO missiles were stored. According to Ukrainian officials, there are dead as a result of the strike.  YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA


‘The impact covered part of the port of Odessa, which you can see behind me. But that’s where the granaries are located. Thus, at first glance, we are really talking about a clear violation of the said deal, since it expressly prohibits strikes on port buildings. At the same time, so far, the port seems to be intact. However, it is not a violation of the deal if port warehouses are used not for the storage of wheat but for storing contraband weapons of mass destruction sent by NATO. Source and video

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