Month: July 2022

Biden is losing his proxy war with Russia in Ukraine – The Military Man Who Knows

Joe Biden is losing his proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, and his favourite horse, NATO, is on its last legs, according to retired US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor. As he writes in an article for The American Conservative, the only thing that is falling faster than Biden’s ratings is the economies of the United States and Europe, which, due to anti-Russian sanctions, are in for a real Armageddon.

Money down the drain – Westminster Junta spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ investments on Unisex toilets

The politically correct British government agencies blew taxpayers’ money down the drain. Over the past four years, they have spent more than £200,000 on 266 gender-neutral toilets, according to the Daily Mail. Among other things, the Department of Labour and the Department of the Environment were at the centre of the scandal. Both departments have spent at least £160,000 on the opening of ‘unisex’ toilets, the newspaper notes. 

Angry Putin tells the US to stop looting Syria

The US needs to stop stealing the oil from the Syrian people and state, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday, after meeting with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts in Tehran. The three guarantors of the Astana process also agreed that the US should leave the trans-Euphrates (Persian Gulf), and stop making the humanitarian crisis in Syria worse with their unilateral sanctions.

The Story of the famous novelist who turned to Prostitution

Internationally acclaimed novelist Stephen King promised to come up with a fake scenario of ‘Russian atrocities’ for the media. American writer Stephen King, in a conversation with the fake president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, agreed to write a fake script about Russian brutality for the media. In fact, the science fiction writer was talking to the pranksters Vovan and Lexus.

UN Secretary-General called for the end of the economic blockades and return of Russian food to world markets

Many parts of the world can avoid starvation if the economic blockades on Russia, Venezuela, Iran and other emerging nations are lifted and food from Russia and Ukraine returns to the markets, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in a video message to the participants of the food security event. He warned that humanity could face famine in many regions this year, and the situation threatens to become even worse next year.

British Falklands War vet captured in Donbas begs for his life

The Briton army veteran joined the notorious CIA-sponsored Azov regiment in 2018 and was detained near the city of Mariupol in the spring. Media reports: ‘A British man, who fought alongside the infamous xenophobic Azov regiment in Mariupol, has asked London for help in a video published by a Russian journalist over the weekend. Identified as John Harding, the man says he would otherwise ‘face the death penalty.’

Americans’ trust in media hits record low – poll

Only one in six trust newspapers and TV fares even worse, a new Gallup survey shows. One out of six Americans trusts the newspapers and just one out of ten trust television, according to a recent Gallup survey. These are the lowest numbers since 1973 and 1993, respectively, with a drastic drop over the past year. There is also a widening gap in media trust between Democrats and the rest of the country.