Month: July 2022

NY Post: ‘will further piss off distressed parents’ – new video from Uvalde school shows cops running away from shooter

A new video from an elementary school in the Texas town of Uvalde, where 19 students and two teachers were gunned down in a mass shooting on May 24, shows that the police were in no hurry to take immediate action to stop the carnage, according to the New York Post. The recording also caught the moment when the police run down the corridor after the attacker opened fire on them.

From Anti-War protestor to Hysterical War Bitch will Germans turn on Annalena Baerbock

The Germans were horrified after Baerbock’s words about Russia. Overall, Spiegel readers are outraged by German Foreign Minister Baerbock’s refusal to ease sanctions against Russia. Readers of the national magazine Der Spiegel have criticized Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock for saying that sanctions on Russia will not be lifted and that Berlin will continue to support Ukraine.

The era of Western dominance ending – Tony Blair

The world will be ‘at least bi-polar and possibly multi-polar,’ according to former UK PM. Although Blair is held in contempt by the British electorate, he has achieved similar status to that of elder statesmen Angela Merkel and Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi. For this reason alone, the former prime minister’s capitulation to reality will shock and dismay the European Union’s leadership class.

The EU Commission is furious that of 27 member states only five decide to illegally steal Russia’s Assets

The 27 unelected members of the European Commission intend to expand the practice of illegally confiscating and redistributing Russian assets in the EU countries. This was stated by European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders, while expressing frustration that so far only five of the 27 EU countries are looting Russian investments in EU countries. 

The usual summer heatwaves and the media creates a climate of fear

No, a spell of hot weather is not a ‘national emergency’. Many of us will have been enjoying the good weather over the past few weeks. But few have been enjoying it as much as Britain’s bureaucracy of fear. The UK Health Security Agency, the Met Office and assorted worrywart policymakers have been basking in the possibility of the really hot temperatures which are predicted to arrive next week.